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The Sanctuary of the Village Borovka

The Sanctuary of the Village Borovka


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In the village Borovka in the Verhnedvinsk district of the Vitebsk region there are a school, a café and its own attraction – the Temple of St Euphrosyne. The temple is still worth visiting. Come to the village Borovka not only to find harmony with nature but also visit the holy place. Since its opening a lot of people have gone to the temple. This temple still stands on its place.

The challenging history

The construction of the temple in the village Borovka was started in 1840 and lasted until 1844. However, the temple has not preserved its original appearance up to now. The matter is that the temple was often reconstructed. The exact number is unknown; but just imagine what changes the building has suffered when in different times it served as storage or as a shop. In difficult times when all temples in the territory of Belarus were destroyed atheists transformed the temple even into a village hall. There were held meetings and dancing parties.

The return of the temple

However, times change for the better, and everything is in its right places. Fortunately, the Temple of St Euphrosyne was not fully destroyed. In the late XX century a wave of faith in God swept people. This is due to the fact that it was a very hard time bringing changes. People needed some support and they found it in God. In the village Borovka the temple was returned to parishioners and worships began to be held there. People not only came to the temples, but also restored neglected temples, built new ones on the site of destroyed. The true faith became the only way for many people.

 The Sunday school

And still every year faith strengthens, it means that more and more people come to the temples and go on excursions around holy places of Belarus. You can learn not only about the history of religion but also how temples were revived in our country.

The white-stone temple named in honor of St Euphrosyne of Polotsk is a building of both cultural and religious significance. The doors of the temple standing among beautiful trees are always open to its parishioners. It is planned to found a Sunday school for children there. Besides, in times gone by the church accommodated a parochial school. It means that traditions are observed and restored in modern times.

The Sunrise

Are you keen to hear what happened in the Village Borovka in ancient times? To learn how local people lived in times gone by? Once arriving to the village at dawn, you can see with your own eyes, if the weather allows how the sun is rising and its beams warm the white Temple of St Euphrosyne. In every such sunrise there is eternal divine radiance. The simplicity of the temple charms and hints that the main things of our time are always simple and easy. So you don’t need to plan complicated tourist routes, always choose interesting places to your liking. Perhaps, they are those mysterious sites that you will remember during long winter evenings. And you with a cup of hot tea in your hands will watch albums with pictures of your travelling.

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