The Temple of the Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon in Kroshin

The Temple of the Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon in Kroshin


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Kroshin is an agricultural town in Baranovichi district and is a center of the township council.

It is located 17 kilometers in a south-western direction fr om Baranovichi. And there is a highway in a distance of 2 kilometers from the agro-town. The highway connects the district center and the capital. Railroad tracks are crossing its territory.

Kroshin is well-known largely thanks to one of its natives – Pavlyuk Bagrim, a Belarusian poet who lived in the XIX century.

Amongst the local attractions, two church buildings deserve special attention. One of them is the Corpus Christy Church made of brick and constructed in 1920 on the place of the former wooden temple. Near the church, there is a cemetery wh ere Pavlyuk Bagrim is buried. There also was a museum of his honor inside the church during the Soviet times. The second religious building is the Temple of the Great Martyr and Healer Pantelemon.

Panteleimon, whose pagan name is Panteleon, is a Christian Saint born in 275 in Nicomedia. The feast day of the Saint, who was also a healer, is 27 July both in Orthodoxy and Catholicism. The name Panteleimon means «all merciful»; he is honored as the patron of warriors. Remarkably, that the pagan name of the Great Martyr means «a lion in everything».

The temple was opened in 2000. The idea of its construction appeared the year before when there appeared a community that initiated the construction of the temple. The building of the temple was led according to the project of the famous Belarusian architect Leonid Makarevich who was also the author of the temples in Baranovichi, Pinsk, Beryoza, Beloozyorsk and the village of Svyataya Volya in Ivatsevichi district. Besides, the architect designed civil buildings including the cinema “October” well-known to the inhabitants and visitors of the capital.

The construction of the temple was funded through the donations of paritioners and contributions of an agricultural company located in Kroshin.

The temple was consecrated on 17 September 2000 with the participation of the archbishop of Pinsk and Luninets Stefan.

The temple presents a cube made of silica brick with the exterior plastered and painted with white color in architectural terms. There is a light octagon above the high quadrangle of the catholicon. The light octagon is crowned with a rather massive dome with a cross.

The main entrance of the temple is western, there is an apse in the shape of stretched semicircles on the east. There are arched niches and high corbel arches at the sides of the temple. The roofing of the temple is made of galvanized metal.

It will be interesting to visit the temple for those who are curious about religious and regional thematic areas.


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