The Church of St. Basil the Great in the village of Zvenchatka

The history of appearing of the Church of St. Basil the Great in the village of Zvenchatka

It is become known about the village of Zvenchatka only in the 18th century. This settlement has its own small but entertaining history which is regarded as a legend. It says that by the order of Catherine II smooth roads were begun to build on the territory of Belarus that was directly connected first and foremost with strategic goals. Birches were planted in two or four rows on the sides of these roads. And since then these birches have been growing on the so-called “Catherine’s roads” in the direction of Krichev – Zvenchatka.

The name of the village comes from the surname of Zvenchatsky – it belonged to a man who ruled the Palace, which was situated here, but, unfortunately, was lost. That is why the village was named after him.

During the World War II the village of Zvenchatka was completely burned down by the Germans. But active restoration works and construction of new buildings began after its liberation. Nowadays Zvenchatka is one of the largest settlements in this area.  

On the territory of Zvenchatka is located a very interesting historical and architectural monument: a wooden church named after St. Basil the Great. This commemorative structure has been preserved to our days. In 2003 the temple was consecrated.

The description of the Church of St. Basil the Great in the village of Zvenchatka

Being consecrated in honor of Saint Basil, the Church is fairly fresh construction built in the Old Russian style. Close to the Church there is a small belfry that is built in the same style and seamlessly complements the overall picture along with the building of the temple. This Church appeared here only thanks to the major-general, serving in the militia, V. Chemisov. Zvenchatka village was the place of birth of this grave person, who visits his native land and his beloved and dear to the heart temple.

Though the Church is made of wood and is slightly inferior in its greatness to stone shrines, however, it does not lose its significance and importance.  It was built with true craftsmanship and all the proportions from the point of view of architectural standards were complied. Even a simple man, not particularly versed in the techniques of construction, won’t doubt that the Church was built by real masters of their craft.

Today you can go on a tour of the village Zvenchatka and visit the famous in this area wooden Church with one of the numerous sightseeing tours. Also you can get to this settlement by yourself by your car. The distance from Minsk to Zvenchatka is 329 m.  Leaving Minsk, you should go in the direction of the town of Cherven, Berezino and Belynichi to Mogilev. The following route points will be Chausy and Cherikov, and then Krichev and when you pass by Klimovichy in the North-Western side you will find the final destination – the village of Zvenchatka.