The Temple of St Nicholas in Postavy

Postavy … How much tourists can see and visit in this town! The relatively small town is rich in various sightings, so attractive for travellers. It has everything, to any taste and color! One day is not enough to visit even a half of them. You do not need to hurry. The residents of Postavy do not hurry, follow their example. Stay in hotel and watch everything feelingly, with sense and clearly. 

Destroyed by a firework 

One of the main attractions of Postavy that everyone has to visit is the Temple of St Nicholas. This Orthodox temple is situated on the bank of the Myadelka River. It is known that the temple was constructed in 1894. Earlier there was a Uniate church. According to some papers, in 1628 a small wooden church was erected on this site. However, some records state that in 1815 local pupils of Postavy whether celebrated the New Year or simply decided to amuse themselves and began to send up a firework. But, unfortunately, the firework got into the church and the building was in a flash engulfed in fire. 

The new temple 

The construction of the temple was funded by all the residents of Postavy; even a daughter of Constantine Tyzengauz – Maria- donated a certain sum of money for the erection of the temple. Therefore, the newly constructed temple has preserved its original appearance up to now.

The new Temple of St Nicholas in Postavy was so majestic and beautiful due to its structure that the locals called it a cathedral. Even today the five-domed building of the temple looks very grandly; besides, it is the main Orthodox temple in the town. The temple consists of a belfry, a refectory and a prayer hall. The Temple of St Nicholas is a white-stone temple that is rather interestingly decorated. Even its domes are not simply covered with gold but painted with various traceries. The exterior of the temple is decorated with icons with the image of Nicholas the Wonderworker.

The historical value 

The Temple of St Nicholas is situated in Lenin St, 22. Inside the temple it is light, simple and spacious. Numerous icons decorate the temple; ancient icons that have survived up to now are of special value. Amongst them there are “Matthew and Paul”, “Peter and John”, “Judah with the Apostle”, “Andrew and Jacob”, “The Savior” and many others. The temple presents cultural and historical domain of Belarus, it is protected by the state. 

In the afternoon and evening

The doors of the Temple of St Nicholas are always open to parishioners and those who decided to visit Postavy for the first time. Visit the temple in the afternoon or evening. In the afternoon the domes of the temple reflect in the waters of the Myadelka. In the evening illumination of the buildings and burning lights create a special atmosphere of calm and coziness. The Temple of St Nicholas is the soul of Orthodox believers of the town Postavy. You may visit the temple whenever, and each time you will feel the need to come there again. Let the world beat a path to the temple for a long time and people come there like several centuries ago.