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The Temple of St. Nicholas in the village of Volchin

The Temple of St. Nicholas in the village of Volchin


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Volchin is a center of the town council of Kamenetsk district. It is about 55 kilometers north-eastward from Kamenets, and about 10 kilometers from the nearest railway station Vysoko-Litovsk.

The small town known since the XVI century has reserved to our days some historical objects attractive for tourists. One of them is the Temple of St. Nicholas which built in 1841.

There are several versions of the temple construction including the presumptions that the temple was not constructed from scratch but was rebuilt from the pre-existent Uniate Church constructed in the XVIII century, or that from the town hall building.

The first presumption is supported by the exterior likeness of the temple with Uniate Churches. The second version gives rise to doubt because Volchin did not have the Magdeburg right, and it was a part of different szlachta and magnate possessions at different periods of time. The existence of a town hall is under the question in this regard.

In 1892, the construction was finished, and the temple had features that have survived up to our days.

In architectural terms, the temple has features of Old Russian and Baroque styles. The log-house of the temple is rectangular, has a gable roof, and it is onion-domed.

There is a three-tiered belfry above the low porch; the belfry is also domed with a crown. There is a rectangular apse and a low vestry at the east. The windows are designed in the shape of arches; there are pilaster strips in the round corners of the piers, they present plain rectilinear offsets without a foot and a cap. The baroque features are seen in the softness of volume and mighty design concept. The features of Old Russian style are noticeable in wooden elements of the temple.

St. Nicholas, also called Nicholas the Wonderworker, in whose honor the temple in Volchin was consecrated, who is considered to be the patron of travellers, sailors, orphans and prisoners.

St. Nicholas lived in the late III – early IV centuries, he joined to Christianity in his early childhood, and devoted his life to it. There are three feast days of St. Nicholas: 19 December, known as “Winter Feast of St. Nicholas”, 22 May – “Spring Feast of St. Nicholas”, 11 August – the birthday of St. Nicholas.

Not far from the Temple of St. Nicholas in the village of Volchin, there is another important attraction – the Church of the Holy Trinity which was constructed in 1729. It was consecrated as the Temple of the Holy Trinity after the revolt of the early 60-s of the XIX century. The temple formed a part of the Temple of St. Nicholas. The Temple of the Holy Trinity was given to Catholics in 1938.

The birth of the last king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Stanislaw August Poniatowsky is one of the most milestone events in the life of Volchin; there was a church book with the record of his birth here in the Church of the Holy Trinity. The future king was baptized in the same church, and his remains were brought here in 1938. But in 1950-s the deposition was looted, and the fate of the remains of the last Polish king and Lithuanian duke has remained unknown.

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