The Temple of St. Nicholas in Kozhan-Gorodok village

The Temple of St. Nicholas in Kozhan-Gorodok village


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Kozhan-Gorodok is a location situated in the south of Luninets district of Brest region. There is one of the main attractions – the Temple of St. Nicholas in the center of the village.

The erection of the temple refers to 1818, when a wooden temple was constructed without any nail on the burial mound. The legend states that during the war against Napoleon, French prisoners brought ground in their caps to the burial mound where the temple was constructed.

The construction of the temple had been taking about five years since 1813 to 1818.

The local master Alexander Malinovsky began the construction of the temple. But two-and a half years after the beginning of the construction the contract with him was terminated, and other masters Symon Konopatsky and Vasil Listopad continued the erection.

The temple has pyramidal composition. The building consists of five log-houses located in the shape of a cross. The middle log-house is distinctive not only for its volume but also for the height, and also with the sizes of a final part that is crowned with a dome. Four other log-houses are also finished with domes located symmetrically with respect to the central dome. All of this creates a complete image of a five-domed temple with pyramidal composition.

There was constructed a belfry above the entrance to the temple in the XIX century. It broke the original symmetry of the building. It was after Perestroika, in 1876, when the temple got the appearance that we can see at the present time.

Another repair was carried out in the middle of the 1950-s when the foundation was renewed and the roof – recovered.

Generally, the interior of the temple attracts attention to its crowning parts made in Baroque. But alongside with that it as if lacks any bright decorative features. Only transoms and gold-plate Crosses can be mentioned amongst them. They are at the top of the temple. The temple has certain features of the traditional folk architecture of Polesye apart from the Baroque elements.

As to the inner decoration of the temple in Kozhan-Gorodok, it is rather rich. Here one can see numerous sculptural compositions, it is not typical for orthodox temples, and architectural elements made of wood. There is a real masterpiece of local masters – a two-tier iconostasis.

There are icons of XVII century – “The New Testament Trinity” and “The Archistratigus Michael” in the temple. Next to the icon of St. Nicholas, in whose honor the temple was consecrated, there is an icon lamp, a present of the Emperor Nicolay II.

The inclination of the central tower to the belfry is the main feature of the temple in Kozhan-Gorodok. It has appeared as a result of subsidence under the central part of the temple.  

There is a modern chapel in the church courtyard near the temple. Another chapel in honor of St. Simeon Stolpnik constructed in the XIX century stands in the local cemetery.

The Temple of St. Nicholas is functioning now. Besides, it is an object of the historical and cultural heritage of the country, and it is included in a number of tour itineraries. 

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