The Temple of St. Nicholas in the village of Druzhilovichi

The Temple of St. Nicholas in the village of Druzhilovichi


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Druzhilovichi is an agro-town, a center of the town council in the territory of Ivanovo district of Brest region.

Druzhilovichi is located northward from Ivanovo district center on the road to Motol which is famous for its towels and leather jackets far beyond not only the district but also of the Republic.

Not far from the road to Motol and Ivanovo, in the village center in Komsomolskaya Street, there is a local attraction – the Temple of St. Nicholas which was appeared in 1777.

The first mentioning of the temple in Druzhilovichi refers to 1454. Remarkably, the new temple, constructed in the 70-s of the XVIII century, originally was Uniate, it had existed as such up to 1839.

 The temple was closed in the period since 1974 to 1979; however, it was consecrated and began to function upon request of the church men in 1979.

The temple in Druzhilovichi is made of wood. It has a rectangular main log-house according to its layout. It is covered with a gable roof and crowned with an onion dome.

There is a belfry at the entrance to the temple. It is also onion-domed. The quadrangular belfry has been annexed to the western part of the temple and has three tiers. The apse and vestries skip to the main volume of the temple. In the XX century, the lateral premises were annexed to it on both sides, thanks to that the temple has got a cross-like shape.

The walls are planked with horizontal boards. The windows of temple have the shapes of rectangles, squares and crosses. Inside, it is overlapped with a timber ceiling that passes into a barrel vault at the aisles.

The Temple of St. Nicholas is considered to be one of the earliest that have survived in the territory of Ivanovo district, and it presents the only temple with one tower in Brest region. That design was characteristic for many temples of that period in Europe.

There are church gates in front of the temple. Inside the temple, there are communion-table gospels dated by 1771 and 1863.

The temple in Druzhilovichi is named after St. Nicholas the Wonderworker – the saint who lived at the turn of the III-IV century and who was an archbishop of Myra of Lycia. St. Nicholas is known as the patron of sailors and all travellers, and also the defender of orphans and wrongfully convicted. He became the prototype of  Santa Claus. For a long time, European children got presents on behalf of that Saint on his feast day – 6 December.

Generally, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is honored several times a year: 19 December, popularly known as “Winter Feast of St Nicholas”, 22 May – “Spring Feast of St. Nicholas”, and 11 August.

Today the temple in Druzhilovichi is included in the number of tourist routes that acquaint travellers not only with temples of Polesye, but also offer active ecological tourism, tourism for children, and also a city break. Besides, the object is inscribed on the State List of historical and cultural properties of the Republic of Belarus having a nationwide value.


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