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The church of St. Nicholas in the village of Pralniki

The church of St. Nicholas in the village of Pralniki


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The church of St. Nicholas in the village of Pralniki. A round temple in Belarus

The small village of Pralniki, which is located near Rakov, is quite worthy of the tourists’ attention, at least due to the fact, that such round churches as the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker can be counted on one hand. The history of this temple is associated with the Ratynsky family, who were Poles by origin and settled in Pralniki. Their estate was once right here, a chapel-tomb was built here in 1850 as well. It was this chapel, which became an Orthodox church later.

The course of time and the church

Time had not spared many churches on the territory of Belarus. Some were destroyed, they had to be built fr om scratch. The others were more fortunate, and they were restored. That period of time is also characterized by the transition of churches fr om one confession to another.

The same thing happened to the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, which originally belonged to Catholics in Pralniki village. Since 1866, the church building was used for worship services by Orthodox parishioners. In 1920, Catholic believers began to hold liturgies there again. At the end of the 20th century, it was finally done with the question of who would be the owner of the temple. Thus, the church has become Orthodox and it is so to the present day.

The church in the cemetery

It is not surprising that in the cemetery, wh ere the church is located, the graves are not of only Orthodox believers but Catholics as well. The graves themselves are oriented in different directions. The monuments are amazing, as the crosses established on them are Orthodox, and Catholic crosses are engraved on the gravestones themselves. But this is not the most principal and important. What is important is that the cemetery has survived to this day and it is well maintained, there is a fence. The graves are taken care of, regardless of whose ashes are buried there.

Come to the temple

There are no divine services in the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in the small village of Pralniki. But still it is worth visiting this place, because it is a part of the Belarusian history, which is impossible to forget.

Nicolas the Wonderworker

St. Nicholas is greatly revered among the Orthodox believers and Catholics around the world. Don’t forget that there is a remembrance day - St. Nicholas Day - this is December 19. Nicholas is considered to be the patron of travellers and seafarers. This is another reason to visit this temple and ask for the Saint’s blessing to travel further. A lot of churches around the world are opened in honour of St. Nicholas. Pilgrims from all over the world travel to the Italian city of Bari, wh ere the relics of the Saint are located. People ask for healing, and Saint Nicholas continues to perform miracles.

Don’t be lazy to look into Belarusian remote place. If you find yourself there on the eve of the Holy Day, surely visit the cemetery and the church. You will also have the opportunity to admire the local nature beauty. Then you can go to Rakov to enjoy even more colour and beauty of Volozhin district. In the green forests of Belarus you will think about the eternal and beautiful, make up a new route and set off to open new horizons. Have a great trip, and may St. Nicholas keep you!

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