The Church of St. John of Rila in Minsk

The Church of St. John of Rila in Minsk


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Minsk surprises tourists

Do you think you know Minsk inside out? Are you sure that you discovered all the most unusual places of the capital? Recently it has become popular to adapt the buildings of empty factories and plants for use as various cultural sites: photo studios, printing houses, cafes and exhibition halls. You can easily find them in the modern Minsk guides. But very few people know that in the building of fitness center (now the current "Atlant" plant) there is the Church of St. John of Rila.

The Church for employees

The church was founded by the director of the plant L.I. Kalugin in 1998, and was open only for employees. Agree that it is rather unexpected deed. But it is not surprising, because in those days took place a kind of wave of religious awareness all over the country. In 2001, part of the relics of St. John was taken to the temple. Above the entrance to the temple hangs the icon. The architecture of the church resembles a house of prayer, but golden domes demonstrate that this is an Orthodox church. The church has rather unusual structure. Nowadays St. John's Church is open to all visitors.

Common things

The life of the church is no different than the lives of all other Orthodox churches in Belarus. Excellent in its architecture, the church is quite common inside: iconostasis and icons make up the decoration of the temple. Services are held in the church on weekends and public holidays. People also can attend evening liturgy. On Sunday prayers are held. For younger residents of the hostel on the basis of the plant there is a Sunday school. There is also a library. You can come and read religious literature, learn prayers.

At the church there is also a choir and sisterhood. Sisters help the elderly people of the factory, care for veterans, and help to buy food and medicines. This way many temples are organized across the country. But it would be interesting, what would our life look like, if every large enterprise had its own church?

The road to the temple

Nowadays, the presence of the library at the factory is not surprising. But the church at the plant is quite unusual phenomenon in capital daily life. If to think about it, it is possible to imagine: after working hard all day long people tend to hurry home. However, to stay for a few minutes in the church is a good opportunity to relax spiritually, pray for the health of loved ones, good work, and love for your neighbor. It is quite important thing in today's chaotic world.

And such an unusual tour will help tourists to look on the other side; to think about how much the trip unpredictable is and what secrets keeps the capital of Belarus - Minsk. Let such a big city has one more place that will help to bring people together, to show them the unity of the faith and fortitude. After all, every temple is a symbol that signifies a faith for the best, it is the place of unity, which attracts all those who went far afield, or vice versa came to God.

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