The Temple of St John the Evangelist

The Temple of St John the Evangelist


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Fr om the Temple to the House of Crafts

Dokshitsy is situated somewhere between the resort village Naroch and the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. If you have chosen the vacation in one of these remarkable places on the tourist map of Belarus, you have to look in Dokshitsy at least for one day. This small Belarusian town has some surprises for tourists. And some change wouldn’t go amiss.

Connecting cultures

Generally Dokshitsy is a truly interesting place as there some cultures have been mixed. Where else in Belarus can you visit a church and a temple in one town? What about the Jewish and Tartar cemeteries? Wh ere can you watch turned over “Greek amphorae” with flowers emitting a wonderful odour? And all this is in the walking distance, alongside with picturesque views.

The House of Crafts

Apart from natural beauty and diversity, in Dokshitsy you’ll find an ancient temple that has preserved its original appearance up to now. The Temple of St John the Evangelist constructed in 1863 still brings joy to townsmen and visitors. But now the building of the former temple accommodates the House of Crafts. But it is not bad as the building has got a new lease of life. During the reconstruction there were found frescos that still decorate the walls of the House of Crafts. Besides, curious tourists can visit an interesting attraction and immerse in the past: learn what Dokshitsy was like in times gone by, what townspeople did, what was their source of income and of inspiration.

Careful attitude

Have you ever imagined what some attraction was like before it has changed? So, the building of the Temple of St John the Evangelist has not virtually changed. Only its domes were taken away, but the temple has preserved its originality even through the restoration. Today a great number of tourists including foreigners come into the House of Crafts. Only the frescos on the walls remind us of the former temple. But the memory is still kept in the hearts of people.

Perhaps, in the future the Temple of St John the Evangelist will again appear in Dokshitsy. Only one thing is clear that the temple is not forgotten though now the building accommodates the institution of a different use. During the sightseeing tour around Dokshitsy you’ll learn that long ago this wooden building was an Orthodox temple. Perhaps, you’ll want to watch it closer, you may even look in.

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