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The Church of St. Elijah in the village of Naroch

The Church of St. Elijah in the village of Naroch


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Blue glassy surface of the lake Naroch, the legends of the Naroch region, quiet, relaxing holiday in open areas, all of these are waiting for travelers in Belarus. The wealth of Belarusian land is not only in its nature. Agree that in Belarus, churches are located side by side to cathedrals, synagogues cherish their history, and the mosques on the territory are also quite common. All this inter-religious diversity in Belarus has never experienced a conflict. Belarus is a peaceful country. That is why thousands of pilgrims come to the Belarusian land.

Water fr om the well

Imagine one of the warm summer days in August. You go by bus with air conditioning, drink water from plastic bottles. You chose a tourist route to the lake Naroch. You make a stop in the village of Naroch. Picturesque lakes like Myadel and Naroch are located nearby; the village itself is very cozy and interesting. Without any hesitation you will put off your shoes and with bare feet step on the green soft grass.

And here you drink water not from a plastic bottle, but out of the well. Water there is cool, clear and so tasty! Before you go on a tour to the temples, just lie down on the green grass for 5 minutes, close your eyes and breathe Narochansky air. Having a rest after the long road, you can open something new for yourself.

Warm August day

Naroch is a village, wh ere the church and the Orthodox temple are located side by side. The Orthodox Church of St. Elijah has remained unchanged in the village since 1850. It is exactly that temple that arises in mind, when you try to imagine a small and cozy little church, buried in verdure. The church is built of quarry stone and is surrounded by a fence, laid out from the stone. The doors of the temple are open to people almost every day.

If you happen to get to the church on the 2nd of August, so you are really lucky person. It is the day that all Christians celebrate the day of Elijah the Prophet. And a small village Naroch is not exception. Hundreds of parishioners gather in the temple during the church service in honor of the saint.

The forerunner of Christ

Prayers and festive singing are heard all over the neighborhood. People rush to worship the saint because of miracles he did. So, in the house of a widow, until there was Elijah, the butter and flour didn’t come to an end. In addition, it is known that Elijah revived the widow's son. It is also said that the saint is a forerunner of Christ on the earth. That is Elijah the Prophet who was the first to tell people about this good news.

Travel journal

Do not forget to enter the temple and admire its decoration inside. Icons, wooden iconostasis, made in the late 19th - early 20th centuries create a special atmosphere of peace and convey the real beauty of the temple.

It is impossible to forget the way to the Naroch as well as this trip, because these places and unique temples are really beautiful. Let your travel journal keep a record of how tasty the water in the village of Naroch and how cozy and beautiful the Church of St. Elias is.

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, Naroch , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 175 km
, Naroch , Belarus
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