Church of St. Elijah the Prophet in Belavichy village

Church of St. Elijah the Prophet in Belavichy village


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Did you know that there are only three villages with the name Belavichy in Belarus? All of them are located in the different areas: Minsk, Grodno and Brest. Today we will speak about Belavichy village that is located in the Minsk region.

The second of August - Elijah's Day

The beauty of these places is known to many tourists. Someone goes to a sanatorium, someone goes to look at the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. However, not everyone knows, that in the village of Belavichy there is St. Elijah Church. Elijah the Prophet is honored and loved by the Slavs. Surely those who spent their summer in Belarusian villages remember that grandparents did not allow swimming after the 2nd of August (and this is the day of the Prophet). Until now, this tradition is observed. It is interesting, that Elijah’s day is considered as the beginning of the winter. That is, the summer ends and cool weather comes, that's why you cannot swim.

The date of construction

There is no legend connected with the construction of this church. And the information about when the church was erected is quite different. There are sources that claim that it is the second half of the 18th century. In other sources the church was firstly mentioned in 1485. It is highly significant that the church has been preserved up to now. Now the church is the building made of wood and stone which relates to beneficial tourist attractions. Local people and tourists visit the temple not only on holidays.

Belavichy Mounds

Another attraction nearby the church is mounds. They were discovered by archaeologists in the 20th century and located 300 meters from the temple. Behind the Fedoska stream you can get acquainted with ancient and important monuments of the 11th century. When going to the village of Belavichy, do not forget to visit it.

Elijah the Prophet

Perhaps, the location of St. Elijah church by the stream is not by accidence, or maybe it is. In ancient times Russian Orthodox people believed that during the drought it is necessary to carry out church services in the temples named after St. Elijah. This is due to the fact that one day during a drought, it started raining only after the prayers to the Prophet.

 If you visit the church of St. Elijah in Belavichy, you will not regret of choosing the trip with a stop in this village. All you need is here : the beauty of landscape, quietness and a picturesque stream by the church. What could be better for a family holiday, a fascinating journey, or a romantic stroll under the starry sky?

Comfort and tranquility can be found in small towns and villages of Belarus. In the villages, the traditions are kept, restored churches are not forgotten by people, the area around is guarded, Sunday schools are being created. Pilgrimage to the holy places of Belarus is not uncommon nowadays. As a well-known classic of Belarusian literature Vladimir Karatkevich said: "In Belarus God lives ..."

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