The Temple of St Aleksey in the Village Smolyany

In honor of Aleksey the Wonderworker

In the territory of Belarus, in the Orsha district of the Vitebsk region, in the village Smolyany life goes on: the Dernovka River flows, the ruins of the castle are seen. Everything is just as in the sketch drawn by Napoleon Orda in times gone by. And only the Temple of St Aleksey does not sparkle with its domes, parishioners do not come for the service. Today tourists can watch only the ruins of the temple that have survived up to now. But in these ruins keep the memory of centuries gone that as if has fixed in place and does not want to disappear.

The incredible energy

The temple looks specially monumental and majestic against the background of a winter landscape. The photos of the ruins of the Temple of St Aleksey and the Church of the Virgin Mary in the village Smolyany made from a bird’s eye view are also impressive. These historical monuments can easily serve as set design for some movie. Such places are filled with a special energy.

The Temple of St Aleksey constructed in 1864, according to some sources and records, was named after Aleksey the Wonderworker. It is stated that he was born in 1923 in rather a well-to-do family. At the age of 12 Aleksey decided to become a monk; it is known that over his life he performed many miracles.

There is a legend that the Temple of St Aleksey was built of red brick, besides, the very same that the castle “Bely Koval” had been made of at earlier times. It is not stated if it is true or not. But it is clear that the brick is red.

Some centuries ago

If we back to the past of the temple and see what it was like some centuries ago, we’ll learn that in the temple there were a belfry, a prayer hall, and a refectory – everything was needed for the proper work and holding services. Surely, Orthodox parishioners from local villages gathered there. The bells were ringing on holidays, and on Easter there were held divine worships. Other holiday were not forgotten too.

Interestingly, near the Temple of St Aleksey there are also ruins of a chapel-vault. According to historians this vault belonged to the ancient family of the Semyonovs.

It is not stated whether it was looted or not, but it is clear that it has not preserved its original appearance. Evidently, the descendants of the Semyonovs went far away and could not keep the tomb in good order.

Significantly that now tourists come to watch only the ruins but those that have preserved their historical significance. They are witnesses of the past and they carefully keep the property of time. Thus, the walls of the Temple of St Aleksey remember those chants that were heard there on weekdays and holidays.

At a height the temple’s ruins are especially majestic. You are sure to remember the village Smolyany scattered with attractions as stars gen the sky. If you are going to take only a camera, make sure that the battery will be charged because you won’t get tired to snap photographs; there are so many interesting things.