The Savior Transfiguration Temple

The Legend about the Temple

The village Porplische on the map of Belarus is, no doubt, an interesting point of any tourist route. You can visit the village individually or as a part of the excursion “Mosar- the center of Christian Spirituality”. This famous tourist route passes through Porplische. It depends on what you like most. No matter, whether you like to travel alone or with a company, you would certainly like this Belarusian village.

What can you see in Porplische? Two main attractions are situated in direct proximity to each other: they are an Orthodox temple and a church. Let us examine in detail the Savior Transfiguration Temple as its history is not only unique but also rather unusual.

The legend

The first mentions about the appearance of the temple in the village date back to 1627. So, there was a Uniate temple in Porplische. It was constructed by the representatives of the Zebdizhovskys family. It is still unstated what happened with this temple.

They say that the construction of a new Orthodox temple the village - the Savior Transfiguration Temple was connected with a legend. One prince or a merchant, it is not clear, decided to have a walk but he lost his way in marshes and woods of unfamiliar area. A short time later he saw a light gap in depths of the forest and he went out to the village Porplische. This man decided to erect a temple in honor of his miracle rescue, in gratitude to God for saving. It occurred in 1794, and since that the wooden temple has been standing on the same site.

Unbroken by years

It is strange but true that the wooden building of the temple has withstood over so many years. Standing in the open field the temple, certainly, was always in plain sight during the Revolution and the war. And even the Soviet period did not become fatal for the temple. Worships were held without a stop. The temple just required restoration works that were successfully carried out.

Leisure options

As it has been mentioned, you can visit the temple individually as its doors are always open to parishioners and tourists. By the way, the trip can present a city break as well as one-day excursion. You may come to Porplische with children that would certainly like the village vastness and fresh air.

You can easily walk around the village Porplische and visit local attractions in any season. The nature of the Dokshitsy district will not leave you indifferent. You can also combine your journey with a trip to the town Myadel. There are a lot of leisure options, and you are sure to choose something interesting to your liking.

Try to come to the temple in August when the nature delights the eye, and there are held worships in honor of the holiday of St Spas. Do not forget to consecrate honey or apples, it depends on what Spas you will arrive. It is not so important when you will come because it is already rather interesting and unforgettable to visit to the ancient wooden temple. Walk around the village Porplische itself and you will certainly remember this place with its views.