Transfiguration Church in the village of Gorodeya

Transfiguration Church in the village of Gorodeya


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Today Gorodeya is an urban-type settlement, which is in Nesvizh district of Minsk region. The total population comprises 4,5 tousand of people. It should be noted that the township ows his name to a river, called Gorodeyka, which flows on its territory.

The very first mentions about this township date back to 1530. However many historical scriptures were lost, due to this fact little information about this place preserved.

But it is worth noting that since 1575 quite a famous Radzivill family possessed Gorodeya. In XIX century it was renown as a village called Gornaya Gorodeya and was a volost centre of Novogrudski uyezd. On completing of railway Moskow-Brest building  in 1871 there was a railway station founded as well. Under the First World War these lands were in a front-line area and were known as Zamirie. Since 1921 the small village Gorodeya became a part of Poland, since 1939 was a part of BSSR and yet since 1940 it has been an urban-type settlement in Nesvizh district, which is connected with the railway station on the line Minsk-Baranovichi, and also on the highway Nesvizh-Novogrudok.

There are wonderful, even unique sights in the township of Gorodeya, as well as in many townships of the Republic of Belarus. Transfiguration Church is one of them.

Transfiguration Church was erected in 1808 in the village of Gorodeya. The sanctuary was made of wood, the main part, so-called hall part was made of brick. In 1991 the church was covered with red brick and a tambour with a rising spire was built on. The church was named as Transfiguration one. There is a stone belfry, crowned with a low hipped roof with an onion dome and metal orthodox cross near the main facade of this church.

There are a lot of amazing icons in the Transfiguration Church. Some of this icons were made by novices. These are the Blessed Mary and Saints icons. The parishioners pay a special attention to the saint icon of Nikolay Chudotvorets. As the remembrance of God is one of the main Christian virtues. Finding themselves in the Transfiguration Church the parishiners, undoubtedly, feel constant God presence. The iconostasis of extraordinary beauty always reminds of God and his Saints in this temple.

At present times any willing can visit this wonderful church in the township of Gorodets. A great number of tourists and parishioners-believers come to this place so that to admire the saint icons in this marvellous place.

Today trips to Gorodeya are included into many tourist programs, aimed at both active recreation in Belarus, and also at piligrimage tour.

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