The Church of the Transfiguration in Dikushki

The Church of the Transfiguration in Dikushki


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If you happen to visit the town of Lida, you should definitely come to the village of Dikushki, which is not far from the town and located in picturesque places. What’s so special about this small village? What interesting can be seen in this Belarusian corner? Many travelers wonder. Meanwhile, many villages and towns of Belarus hide true pearls.

The church construction

All churches are diverse and have a unique colour scheme that varies from region to region. This is the wealth of Belarus. It is the diversity of cultures and architectural monuments. You will find the Church of the Transfiguration in the village of Dikushki. What is unique about this church? You will find out it during an excursion to this wonderful corner of Belarus.

It is necessary to mention that the first church in Dikushki had already existed in 1442 according to historic documents. It was Uniate. In 1839, the church belonged to Orthodox believers. In 1841, a new stone building of Transfiguration Church was erected and it was ship-shaped!

The church like a ship

It is a pretty unusual shape of the building, isn’t it? Whether it was a desire of sponsors or it was decided to build in that way. By the way, the church was built at the expense of Rafail Grabovsky and archpriest Iosif Semashko.


The church was not closed during hard times. Only when it was reconstructed in 1936-1956. The restored building with columns opened its doors for parishioners again. A dome appeared in 1999.

To see the church-ship

In the village of Dikushki, in addition to the church, it is recommended to see the estate of Grabovsky family, as well as outbuildings once belonged to the noble family. However, buildings haven’t been preserved in its original form but there’s still something to see in the village. Many travelers from all parts of Belarus and other countries come to the village to see the church and estate of the Grabovsky family. Many people really like an isolated location, unique colours, and, of course, the Belarusian nature. Many will certainly come back to re-explore these fairytale forests and fields.


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