Transfiguration Church in Derechin

Transfiguration Church in Derechin


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This church is truly magnificent. It stands on a plain, where two roads meet: Slonim – Zelva. It is hard to miss and pass by because Transfiguration Church is an ancient monument in the village of Derechin. It is a real pearl and monument of Byzantine architecture.

Five church domes

Are you intrigued? Are you ready to visit this church? But first, read this article. Perhaps it will help you prepare for a trip. It is not enough to see it – it is necessary to get inside. Transfiguration Church was built in the middle of the XIX century; a quite large building for a village immediately became the main place in Derechin. Five wooden domes decorate the church and bring joy to local people.

Inside the church

Since then, parishioners go to church and many tourists come to look at such a large building. However, not only the exterior attracts tourists. Walls were painted so skillfully inside the church, so that these wall murals have become famous all over Belarus.

Unfortunately, there is no information about a talented painter. That is, he is unknown and we do not know what else he has left behind except murals. One thing we know for sure – he was a very talented person. To make sure, you should just look at walls of the church. Here you will see fragments of the Nativity and the Last Supper, and many other biblical scenes.

Beauty of the church

The grandeur of the church and its wall murals say that the church is valuable historically and culturally. You will feel the atmosphere of old times in the Church of the Transfiguration. In addition, this church is a unique opportunity to visit another beautiful corner of Belarus.

A trip to Derechin

No doubt, you will remember this trip and will recall it for a long time. Let your sightseeing routes lead you only to interesting places, which will bring you only pleasant emotions and a lot of new experience. Explore Belarus and share unforgettable impressions with your friends in social networks. It's always good to travel and discover something new!


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