The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Slavgorord

The history of appearing of the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Slavgorord

The town of Slavgorod was first mentioned as a small settlement in the Principality of Smolensk. The first mention about it dated back to 1136.  The town is ancient enough and attracts tourists not only for its long history, but also for numerous attractions. Among them is an amazing Church of the Virgin Mary with an adjacent bell tower of two tiers. It is situated not far from the Castle Hill, in the very center of the town. By Golitsyn’s order in the late 18thcentury (1791-93) was built the Church of the Virgin Mary in Slavgorod. 

The Church was designed by a very experienced architect, representative of classicism N. Lvov. A large number of famous historic buildings in the expanses of St. Petersburg belongs him. During the construction of the temple was used a material which was produced on the spot, but the metal for the roof was brought from Moscow. 

In 1930, when the atheistic persecution began, the Church was closed, despite the fact that it was the main Orthodox Church in the whole district.  For a long period the closed Church building had been used as a household outbuilding at the pier.

In the period of the Great Patriotic War the temple was heavily damaged during numerous long attacks – there was almost no plaster on the Shrine and the walls were solid unevennesses with hollows.  At that time the Germans used is as an observation point.

In 1987 the temple was handed over to the Orthodox community that is why it has been working till nowadays as the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is an object protected by the state as well as carries cultural and historical value.

The complex of the buildings of the Church of the Virgin Mary and the belfry is an outstanding example of the architectural monument of classicism. The main features of this style in the Church are considered a special layout of the building: apses are not used at all, the façade is decorated in same way. The structure of the temple has the appearance of an unapsidal centric Church, which is crowned with a dome of eight faces. The whole interior of the Shrine is decorated with interesting paintings. Inside the Church there were about 60 iconostases and icons, in which are depicted scenes both of New and Old Testaments. Very experienced artists under the leadership of V. Borovikovsky were working on the painting of the Church. Near the temple is the bell tower of two tiers, which is crowned with a compact turret.