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Pokrovskaya Church in Molodechno

Pokrovskaya Church in Molodechno


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Molodechno is the administrative center of Molodechno district, Minsk region. It is 73 km from the capital of Belarus. The name of the town derives from the name of the Molodechanka River, which flowed near the village. However, reclamation work led to the disappearance of the river.

The first mention of Molodechno dates back to 1388. In 1413, Molodechno was part to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and belonged to the Oginskys. After the second division of the Rzeczpospolita, Molodechno was part of Minsk gubernia in the territory of Russia. In the 20s of the XX century, Molodechno belonged to the Republic of Poland, later it became part of the BSSR.

At the turn of the XVII century, the Uniate church was built in Molodechno. The building of folk architecture stood on the square. A few years later, Uniate Church was abolished, and the church belonged to the Orthodox believers. In order to preserve the former shrine, it was decided to move the church to Gorodotskaya Street. So, in 1850, the former Uniate church was moved to the place near the cemetery. The construction of a new church began five years later. The construction work was conducted under the guidance of father Ustin Yalensky and was completed in 1871. In the same year, the erected church was consecrated in honor of the intercession of the Holy Virgin.

The brick building of the Pokrovskaya Church in Molodechno has four parts. A two-tiered bell tower is one of them: the first tier is a tetrahedron, the second - an octahedron. The second part is a refectory. The main part of the church is rectangular. The apse of the church is pentahedral with side extensions. The facade of the building is divided by arched window and door openings with architraves. The inner part of the Pokrovskaya Church is divided into six naves by six pillars.

Today, you will find an icon with a part of the relics of Manefa Gomelskaya in the Pokrovskaya Church. In addition, the icon of St. Nicholas is especially venerated among the parishioners. There is also the icon of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin. This is what was left of all the sanctity that were kept in the church. During the First World War, many icons and relics were taken to Russia and did not return to the church. The large-scale restoration of the Pokrovskaya Church took place from 1920 to 1930. Since 2012, the church has a Sunday school.

The Pokrovskaya church is an excellent example of retrospective Russian architecture. Hundreds of tourists and pilgrims visit the shrine in Molodechno every year, which is included in many tourist routes around Belarus.


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