The Church of Intercession in Dzerzhinsk


Dzerzhinsk is a town located on the territory of Minsk region, which is the administrative center of Dzerzhinsky district. It is located 30 kilometers fr om the capital of Belarus. Not far from the city there is the highest point in Belarus Dzerzhinsk Mountain, towering 345 meters above the sea level.


The first information about Dzerzhinsk appeared in 1146. That time the name of the city reflected the terrain accidents wh ere it was located, as it was called Krutogorye. However, three centuries later, Krutogorye has another name in historical documents - Koydanovo. The first mention of Dzerzhinsk under this name dates back at the time when Prince Casimir IV passed the city into possession to his brother Michael Sigismund. However, at the beginning of 16th century Dzerzhinsk was a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the middle of the 16th century Koydanovo was passed into the possession of the Radziwill family.

The second partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth led to the fact that the Dzerzhinsk appeared as a part of the Russian Empire. According to population census, there lived 1237 people on the territory of Koydanovo. By that time the Calvinist church, postal station, two mills and arcades appeared there.

A century later the population of Koydanovo tripled. In January 1919, Dzerzhinsk joined the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic. In the summer of 1932 Koydanovo was renamed into Dzerzhinsk.


According to the latest data, Dzerzhinsk is home to 27,225 people.


At the intersection of Lenin and K. Marx Streets there is the Church of Intercession, a construction erected in 1850. The brick building was funded from the state. Currently, it is an architectural monument with elements of pseudo-Russian style.

The building of the Church of Intercession consists of three rectangular pieces - the main one, the altar and the porch. Initially, the main part was completed with light drum with a dome, later it was replaced by a wooden turret with a tent. Equal in size the porch and the altar parts are covered with a gable roof. The gables are decorated with innovative features.

The facade is divided into two tiers. The lower one is decorated with stucco, simulating rust, the higher – with arched windows and pediments in the form of corbel arches. In the center of the main part of interior four columns that support light bushel are located.

In January 2005, the Church of Intercession in Dzerzhinsk was of great interest not only of the faithful people but also scientists. The fact is that on the 23 of January the parishioners observed two dozen icons weeping. Then seven more icons began to weep. However, the most interesting thing was cross and altar walls weeping.

The Church of Intercession in Dzerzhinsk attracts many pilgrims and tourists. Interesting architecture of the building, a large variety of icons and, of course, stories about their weeping - all this makes the temple popular of many tourist routes.