Pokrovskaya Church in the Village of Veyno

Pokrovskaya Church in the Village of Veyno


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Geographic Location

The village of Veyno is situated in Soligorsk district, Minsk region. It is 41 km from the district center. Veyno is located about 200 kilometers from the capital of Belarus. The Moroch river flows near the village - it is small but very rich in fish.

Historical Reference

You won’t find any information on the first mention of the village of Veyno of  Soligorsk district, Minsk region, but it’s known that for a long time the settlement belonged to the Polish territory.

Its name indicates that the village existed in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Presumably, the word "veyno" derives from the Lithuanian word "veno" – which means that part of the property of the spouses passes to the wife in case of divorce. As it's known, a bride's dowry passed into a new family after the wedding. If a marriage broke up and the veno was signed, according to the Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania of 1558, the wife received her dowry back, as well as the third part of her husband's property. If the veno was not signed, in case of her husband’s death, a woman could not claim the property of her husband and was deprived of her dowry.


The population of the village is small; however, many tourists spend time in this interesting place with benefit and comfort.


Pokrovskaya church in the village of Veyno attracts the attention of many people. It was erected in 1810.

In 1812, the troops of Napoleon’s army reached the village of Veyno. They stayed at the church. This, undoubtedly, defiled the shrine. Later all the soldiers who disrespected the Pokrovskaya Church soon died from a terrible illness.

When the Soviet regime was established, many churches were closed, some were destroyed. Their sanctities were given to Pokrovskaya Church and they are kept there until now. Local people believe that the church is under the protection of the Mother of God. The following case confirms it: when one of the supporters of communism, who organized the process of eliminating crosses from the domes of the churches, shared the fate of the French soldiers.

The architectural style of the church in Veyno is defined as classicism. It was typical for the church architecture that characterizes Eastern Belarus. The church is considered unique since there are no similar buildings.

Many tourists come to Pokrovskaya Church every year to look at icons and iconostasis. The unique church interior is also interesting. However, the most important goal of visiting the church is to plunge into the sacred atmosphere of this place and experience the feeling of inseparable connection with the Blessed Virgin.


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