The Temple of the Protection of the Virgin Mary in the Village of Krasnoye

The Temple of the Protection of the Virgin Mary in the Village of Krasnoye


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The village of Krasnoye belongs to Molodechensky district of Minsk region, and it is the administrative center of the Krasnensky village council. The distance of 16 km along the road Minsk-Molodechno-Naroch separates the village from the district center.

A bit of history

The village Krasnoye (in early times Krasnoye Big village) is mentioned in the documents of the XV century as a piece of property of Great Dukes of Lithuania. In 1486 the village became a city, and 14 years later a church was built in Krasnoye.

In the first half of the XVI century the modern village of Krasnoye was the center of a county in the Minsk voivodeship. In the middle of the XVIII century there were about six dozens of farm homesteads in the locality, there was also a church and an eatery.

The second partition of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1793 left Krasnoye on the Russian Empire land, and the village became a part of the Vileysky County. One century later the location was hardly recognizable: the number of homesteads increased two times, buildings of post office and feldsher’s station appeared. The inhabitants could boast of two schools and a training school. Besides, there were more than two dozens of shops and almost a dozen of eateries.

After the Riga Peace Treaty in 1921 the village Krasnoye became a part of Poland, in 1939 a part of the BSSR. During the Second World War Krasnoye was under the occupation of Nazi soldiers. Since 1954 Krasnoye has been an urban-like village.

The population

Alongside with Molodechno, Radoshkovichi and Chisty, Krasnoye is one of the biggest locations of the Molodechensky district. According to the 2011 census, the population was about three thousand inhabitants.

The tourist attractions

In the village there are a lot of places of interest that make the location interesting for tourists, historians and architects.

The Temple of the Protection of the Virgin Mary arouses a special interest in those who come to the village of Krasnoye. The building of the temple was constructed in 1889. The temple is an architectural monument of pseudo-Russian style. The building with crosses and domes has a semispherical apsis, and its three-tier belfry is crowned with a dome.

The gateway of the temple is arc-shaped; it is decorated with portals with a keel-shaped crown. Natural stone harmonizes with plastered and whitewashed decorative elements (pilaster-strips, framings of arc-shaped day openings, ledges).

The inner decoration of the temple is rather rich: the unique icons, majestic icon-stand take up the largest part of the interior. Every day numerous church people visit the temple, get valuable advice and spiritual support of the temple rector. 

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