Pokrovskaya Church in the village of Gonchary

Pokrovskaya Church in the village of Gonchary


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The history of the Temple of the Intercession in Gonchary village 

The Temple of the Intercession is a unique structure in Gonchary village located in Lida district of Grodno region. It was constructed in 1774, and made of stone and wood. Originally, the temple was Uniate, and then was converted into a temple for Orthodox parishioners. The Temple of the Intercession is the oldest of the 25 temples that has survived in Lida district, as well as one of the most valuable structures of the country. Despite the age, the temple looks very nice both outside and inside. It is neat and tidy and always opened not only to local parishioners but also to tourists willing to visit sanctuaries of Grodno region and to feel the spirit of historical events.

A wooden bell-tower with an onion-like dome decorated with a cross was built just in front of the temple. The time of its construction refers to the 2nd half of the XIX century. The bell-tower had two tiers, the lower of which is blank, and the upper one presented a transparent structure with a parapet. The bell-tower has not survived up to now.

The Temple of the Intercession has a distinctive appearance. The whole composition of the temple is quite complex, inside it is divided by six square pillars into 3 naves, the central one is much wider than the lateral naves and it is completed by  a keel-shaped vault. The lateral naves are completed by flat ceilings.

The temple had a dark-brown wooden facade until the early 2000s, it was painted blue later. This change has little transformed the temple, given it a more fresh and updated look, figuratively reminding of a cloudless sky.

There are several graves on the left side of the building near the temple. The local residents will tell you with pleasure who is buried here, and disclose many historical facts and mysteries that are kept within the walls of the temple. It is not a secret that such old buildings can't exist without at least one legend. It seems that beliefs and legends invisibly let old sanctuaries survive.

The Temple of the Intercession of Gonchary village is covered with the spirit of Christian folk architecture of Belarus. It attracts tourists from many towns, and let its visitors fully experience the true feeling of relaxation and unveil the history of Christianity. Going on a trip to this area, you can easily aim for a pleasant, interesting and mental rest in a quiet place of the Belarusian lands.

Today you can go to Gonchary village to visit the Temple of the Intercession with one of the sightseeing tours arranged for the cultural education of everyone willing. You can also get to this area by car. Gonchary village is 204 km from Minsk. The line of the route: Volozhin – Lida – turn to Berezovka. Lida is 24 km from Gonchary.



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