Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos in Olekshitsy
The Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos in Olekshitsy was built instead of a dilapidated wooden one. The temple was completed in 1871. Further, its history is closely connected with the name of Count Arkady Kurlov, who was born in the year of the beginning of its construction – in 1865. Owning a large fortune and having no heirs, the count invested a lot of money in the temple, thanks to him the walls were decorated with paintings. But in Soviet times, when the church was used as a warehouse, the frescoes were destroyed. Only six of them have been preserved – those that are closer to the altar. They were restored. The rest of the frescoes are modern – it took four years to paint the Intercession Church.

This blue-and-white church in the Russian–Byzantine style looks small from the outside, but inside it is spacious, very bright. And all in the painting: every square of the walls, ceiling...

The 0.40 hectare plot of land on which the church is located is surrounded by a stone fence. The temple is built of rubble stone, finished with brick. Initially, the church was covered with tin, had wooden floors made of five-centimeter boards.

The altar part is 4.6 meters long, 8.6 meters wide, illuminated through two windows. It is separated from the main space of the church by a partition wall with openings for the Royal, southern and northern gates. Previously, the church was decorated with a two-tiered iconostasis.

The main space of the temple is 11.6 meters long and 12.5 meters wide. Two high windows were cut in the side walls at a height of 1.3 meters. The ceiling is plank.

The third part is smaller. Its length is 8.7 meters, width – 9 meters. There are windows on the sides. It is separated from the narthex by a stone wall. A staircase of four steps leads to the porch and large double doors.