The Temple of St. Gabriel of Belostok in Ivye

The Temple of St. Gabriel of Belostok in Ivye


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The Temple of St. Gabriel of Belostok in Ivye, Grodno Region

The picturesque village of Grodno region appeared on the map of Belarus in the XV century. Many historians associate the foundation of Ivye with a beautiful woman named Eve who was a wife of great Duke Gedymin who built a monumental castle in nearby Lida. For the period of its historical development, the picturesque town of Ivye was in possession of many well-known dynasties, ranging from the Zaberezinsky and the Kishka families to the Oginsky and the Tizengauz families. Among the owners of the town there were the Radziwills and the Sapegas. Ivye district was part of the Russian Empire and of the Polish territory for a long time.

Ivye is a small island of tolerance as people of different nationalities and different faiths lived from olden times in the picturesque town of Grodno region and they all found a place there. Along with people of Catholic and Orthodox faith, Muslims and Jews also live in Ivye and have their sanctuaries here. Ivye is unique because a synagogue and a mosque are peacefully found side by side with an Orthodox temple and a Catholic church.

It is known that the Temple of St. Gabriel of Belostok began to function in Ivye in 1994; before becoming the Orthodox parish, it had come a very hard way. The Orthodox temple appeared in the structure that was a common manor house at the beginning of the last century. In the postwar period, it hosted an obstetric institution, and later a kindergarten. And only in the 90-ies of the last century the building was solemnly transferred to the Orthodox parish, and it still perfectly functions attracting Orthodox believers under the same roof. It is noteworthy that there are two temples in Belarus that are consecrated in honor of the Martyr Gabriel, one of which is located in Ivye district.

Before the appearance of Ivye temple, Orthodox believers had to come for divine services to neighboring towns and villages that took a lot of time and efforts. Therefore, the opening of the Orthodox temple in Ivye was a true miracle and a gift to the local believers. In the 90s of the last century, the relics of the Martyr Gabriel were taken to Belostok. Many pilgrims from Ivye district were present at that important religious event and, being impressed by that, decided to name the parish in honor of Gabriel. The dwelling building was transformed into a temple and it was consecrated on the eve of the momentous arrival of Patriarch Alexy II.

The interior of the small temple is very beautiful: lovely icons, an eye-catching iconostasis. The most important sanctity of the temple is the icon of Gabriel of Belostok with a part of his relics and the Kazan icon of the Mother of God that in open space. It is known that Alexy II blessed six dozen images that went the way of the cross around the planet Earth. It was a very solemn and memorable global event.

The Temple of St. Gabriel of Belostok of Ivye calls together under its roof a friendly family of the local residents and visiting parishioners willing to take part in the functioning of the House of God in the generous land of Ivye.





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