Oceanography Center "Open Ocean" in Minsk

The Oceanography Center “Open Ocean” is situated in Minsk, 3 Brilevskaya street.

The center is located in a basement of one of the ordinary houses in Minsk. However, this place is a real discovery for those who are interested in marine life.

The Center was created for those who interested in the life of sea creatures and everything that happens on the surface of the water and in its depths.

The Oceanography Centre offers excursions, which will be interesting for both kids and parents. Even the most demanding visitors enjoy excursions. It will be interesting not only for those who begin getting acquainted with inhabitants of seas and oceans but also for marine life experts.

There are about one hundred and forty species, including those that climb trees, piranhas, and sharks. You will discover fish of various sizes and colors and even transparent fish. Iguana, turtles, Caribbean shrimp live there. From time to time, new sea creatures appear in the Oceanography Center.

Here you can observe the models of submarines, as well as various wetsuits. A diving suit is the first item that you will see when coming to this center. A journey begins with a bang in the ship's bell.

The Oceanography Center consists of five rooms, each of which is dedicated to a particular subject. There are zones of Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Pacific oceans. Antarctica is represented separately.

In one of the rooms there is a compass in a floor which helps find all the oceans.

The exhibition has photographs, including from the South Pole, in which depicted the researchers with the inhabitants of Antarctica - penguins. Here you can see a jug, found in a sunken ship.

Several clubs are functioning in the center, for instance, diving club. Also, there is a literary club and diving club for children.

Also, a thematic library is collected in the Oceanography Center. It has a small video room and a lab.

Here you can see a special computer that can imitate the storm, as well as rise and fall of sea levels.

In addition to the acquaintance with inhabitants of seas and oceans, as well as information about their life, here you can celebrate your child’s birthday.