The Center of Folk Crafts and the Museum of Folk Life in Ross village

The Center of Folk Crafts and the Museum of Folk Life in Ross village



Many Belarusians recognize the village of Ross primarily for its garrison town. But it is not the only place of interest in multi-faceted Ross. The great Center of Folk Crafts and the Museum of Folk Life have been functioning for a long time. Right in the spacious foyer of the Centre of Folk Crafts, there is everything that can interest a curious tourist, ranging from basket weaving and textile arts to clay modeling and leather goods. All hobbies of inspired inhabitants of the town come together in the foyer. And, as judged by the richest expositions, they are successful in doing this.

Each visiting tourist exploring the amazing center should know that works collected here – whether they are decorated eggs or a hand-made clay vase – can be purchased as souvenirs. The wonderful center performs such a popular service as making any gifts to order. Master classes are actively held in the center, you may take home everything that you make with your own hands in order to show the results of your acquired skills to your loved people. At the master class, you can even learn how knead a wedding loaf according to the Volkovysk recipe with your own hands. Any bride going be married is sure to surprise her experienced guests with such an original cake!

The Museum of Folk Life has been perfectly functioning since 2000 at the Center of Folk Crafts. It is very popular among the local residents and visitors. The Museum has two halls that provide educational information, ranging from the characteristics of peasants’ life and to traditional clothes of the Belarusians. The first hall contains almost three hundred items including mainly tools and equipment, in short, all things has facilitated the work of ordinary Belarusians. The second hall acquaints visitors with objects that made a typical Belarusian hut comfortable, ranging from rugs and towels and to curtains and bedspreads. A special place in the museum is devoted to men’s and woman’s attires typical for Volkovysk of the beginning of the last century.

Interestingly, the museum workers often travel to Volkovysk district, asking the locals about traditions and customs of the area. New educational materials are created on the basis of such inquiries, and funds of the museum are growing thanks to new exhibition items brought from these expeditions. The museum has a special card catalogue of craftsmen engaged in original works in the territory of the district, and it is very useful to know.

The Center of Folk Crafts and the Museum of Folk Life in the village of Ross are visited by pupils and students who help to find new valuable items in the surrounding area as well as guests of the town and tourists wishing to explore the rich history of Volkovysk district.

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