Trinity Church in the village of Radoshkovichi

Radoshkovichi village is located in the midst of the forest, in a picturesque area of Minsk Region. In the heart of the village you can find its main attraction - the Church of the Holy Trinity.

The temple looks very ordinary - it is painted in white colour from the outside without weighing it with shaped mouldings or other decorations, but, as they say, with taste: neat clear facade lines smoothed with numerous windows outlines and arched doorways. The church was built with two four-tiered towers and three naves (naves are stretched temple rooms), which are separated from each other by two rows of square columns. An ancient ornament has preserved inside on the floor in some places to the present day. In front of the church there are three gates with arched passageways.

Radoshkovichi church was erected three times

The temple was built in the XV century in 1447. Money for the construction were allocated by Kastellan of Vilna Peter Senka Gedigoldovich. At the same time the first mentions of the village as a whole appeared. Initially, the building was made of wood. But it didn’t last long - it was destroyed.

In a few centuries, in the middle of the XVIII century, the temple was built anew. A great sum of money was invested in the baroque style building: in a rich finish, in seven altars inside the church and the bell tower, which was built nearby. A school and a hospital functioned at that time in the church. But since it was built of wood this time, it did not stand the test of fire - and was burned.

The catholic church was renewed again already in the 50-ies of the XIX century on donations of Valodkovichi landlords. At that time, it was built of stone in the late classicism style. A few years later the temple was consecrated, and by the end of the century the number of parishioners exceeded 2.5 thousand. It is this church building of the Holy Trinity which stands in Radoshkovichi today.

The christening of Yanka Kupala took place in this Church

When a child named Ivan Lutsevich was brought inside the temple, no one could have predicted that he would be so important for Belarus. The christening of future brightest Belarusian poet was held here in 1882.

The Soviet period was difficult for Radoshkovichi church

In a year after the war end the Holy Trinity church parish in Radoshkovichi was closed, and the building was reorganized into a factory floor. The premises of "Belarusian ceramics" enterprises were established there. However, the building could not stand this operation, and by the end of the last century a verdict was given: the state of emergency. The restoration of the temple began in 1990, after it was returned to the Catholic Church. The second consecration of the revived temple took place 13 years later in 2003, and then the services resumed there.

Radoshkovichi is now a stopping point of many excursion routes. You need to travel  43 kilometers to Radoshkovichi by car from Minsk. The temple silhouette is clearly visible from the Minsk-Molodechno road.

The Holy Trinity church in Radoshkovichi has long been recognized as an architectural monument of the XIX century classicism. Nowadays it is protected by the Belarusian state as being historical and cultural value.