The Trinity Catholic Church in Dunilovichi

The Trinity Catholic Church in Dunilovichi


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Often, one may think that he had visited all interesting places in Belarus and it is time to go abroad for new experiences. But let’s have a look at the map: no doubt there are many unexplored and interesting places within the country.

For example, the Vitebsk region. In the agrotown Dunilovichi (the Postavy district), you will find the Catholic church of the Holy Trinity - a beautiful monument of the XVIII century, built in 1769-1773. Earlier a Dominican church and monastery stood there. They were built at the expense of Dolmat-Isakovsky family in the XVII century. The first buildings were made of wood. Later, in 1683, stone buildings were built (some historians say that Dominican monks erected them).

It will be interesting not only for religious believers to visit Dunilovichi. The Trinity Church is a bright example of Baroque architecture. When you look at the building, you will see a three-nave basilica with two towers. The facade is decorated with flat pilasters. Windows and niches are rounded.

This church overwhelms with its size and grandeur. The interior is unique to Belarus – there is a two-tier "Loreta" altar. This type of altar depicts the Virgin Mary's house, which was moved by angels from Palestine to Loreto for salvation from Saracens. Above the altar there is the Virgin Mary's face, which was brought from Italy and preserved: it survived the fire, was not taken away during the war or destroyed by the Soviet authority.

During its existence, many different events took place; from 1866 to 1920 it belonged to the Orthodox Church. During that period, Orthodox domes were added, but later they were removed. This information can be found in descriptions and layout of the church. Services started in 1920 when the church was returned to the Catholic Church (Dunilovichi was at that time part of Poland). During the Great Patriotic War, the Trinity Church was desolated. When the war ended, the church was used as a warehouse.

The church continued performing its primary function only in 1989. Nowadays, the church is in perfect condition.

Not far from the church, there is a priest’s house built in the late XIX century. Do not be lazy and come to Dunilovichi - this trip will bring a lot of experience and knowledge.

Dunilovichi is located 160 kilometers from Minsk, so it is to get there by car. This church is an example of high-level architecture and art of Belarus.

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