Trinity Church in Danyushevo village

Trinity Church in Danyushevo village


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Danyushevo is a settlement located in the north of Grodno region and is a part of Smorgon district.

Danyushevo is situated on the right bank of the Neris River. The village has a population of only a few dozen inhabitants.

According to the extant sources, the first mention of the existence of a settlement refers to 1443. That time the village was called a little bit differently – Donyushov.

According to written sources, the first church there appeared in 1620 and was built at the expense belonging to a statesman Jan Gut.

A little more than a century later, the Jesuit mission was founded there. However, the church was given to the parishioners in connection with the liquidation of the spiritual order of the Jesuits, which occurred in 1773.

There was the construction of a new temple in 1809. The idea of its construction belonged to Martin Klimansky. This church you can see nowadays while visiting Danyushevo. The temple is made of wood.

The church underwent some renovation at the turn of 19th-20th centuries. Then the shrine was expanded, and a gate and a stone fence were installed in front of the entrance to the temple. A small bell tower appeared in 1906.

During the First World War, the church was reconstructed into a hospital. The belfry of the church was disassembled, the stoves, which pipes opened on the windows, were placed in the center of the building. Then two monuments in memory of the fallen officer, who was buried next to the church, were placed in the courtyard next to the temple. There appeared a big monument in 1915, made of concrete and stone.

The remains of the dead were reburied after the war. Military cemetery, located in Markovtsev village, became a new place of their burial. And a statue of the Mother of God was installed instead of a German monument.

The church was closed in 1960, and restored its activity only after two decades.

Catholic church has a rectangular shape and covers an area of ​​240 square meters. There are two towers from the side of the main facade of the temple. The entrance is a 4-column portico with a pediment. A window lancet is disposed immediately above the entrance. And windows of smaller size are presented on both sides of the lancet. There are arched windows on the perimeter of the building as well.

Today, a visit to the Danyushevo village is included in numerous tourists’ trails. However, you can see here not only the church with adjacent bell tower and gate, but also the location of the former estate of the noble Oskerko family.

Up to the present day, from the house, which dates back to the early twentieth century, only the remains of the gate and a few trees that were part of the manor park have been left. The house as well as its adjacent buildings has not been preserved till the present days.

The landscape in Danyushevo is picturesque enough. The beauty of the countryside is emphasized with flowing along the village river Viliya, on the other side of which there is the “Blue lakes” botanical reserve of national significance created in 1972.


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