the Trinity Church in the village of Chernavchitsy

the Trinity Church in the village of Chernavchitsy


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The history of the Trinity Church origin in the village of Chernavchitsy

Trinity church is located in the village of Chernavchitsy, on the territory of Brest region and it is 18 km away from Brest. This brick building was erected at the expense of N. C. Radziwill in late XVI century. The temple is located in the middle of the village, and its main facade overlooks the automobile road. The church, as well as the majority of other Catholic churches, was passed to Orthodox church after the Polish uprising of 1863. In 1918, the small village became a part of Poland and that event facilitated the returning of the temple to the Catholic church.

At the end of the XX century, a clergy house was returned to the church, which served as a hospital in earlier times and as a music school for children a little later.

Trinity church was a location of the revered icon of the Virgin Mary for a long time, but it was taken to distant cities in Russia after the First World War. The track of the relic was lost there after some time. Today, there is no information about the fate of the icon.

The description of Trinity Church in the village of Chernavchitsy

Trinity Church is designed in very unusual architectural style. The elements of the Renaissance can be seen here, as well as some features of Gothic style. A round-shaped tower, having the defensive quality, is located on the side facade from the southern part of the building. Such constructions are typical for many buildings of the XV-XVII centuries, when the majority of buildings were erected with a defensive purpose. Also, from the point of view of the architectural pecularity of the building, it is quite an impressive in its size, scaled shapes with quite reserved stylistic details. The walls of the church are very solid and firm, their thickness reaches 1,3 m. There are two sculptures inside, in the niche of the main facade, one of which is in the altar. Paint tracks of red and light golden tinge have left on their surface. All of the presented sculptures have never been restored here, that helps to estimate more fully their original appearance for the precise representation of that time spirit.

A belfry, located in the north-western direction apart from the church, has three tires and four sides. It can be called one more impressive feature of the church.

Its roof is made in the form of a hipped roof. Many tourists compare the belfry visually with the defensive construction in Nesvizh, which was also built late in XVI century.

All of the buildings, the church nearby and the temple in particular, are the impressive examples of ancient architectural buildings of the Renaissance era, which are provided with the typical features of mixed style architecture. Trinity Church can be called with every reason a unique rarity and national heritage of the country.


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