Trinity Church in Minsk

Trinity Church in Minsk


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Orthodox churches were begun to be built on the Belarusian land almost immediately after the spread of the Christian faith. The first church was founded in Drutsk in the 11th century. Orthodoxy spread across Belarus rapidly. The number of churches was growing from century to century.

The Trinity Church in Minsk is young: its construction began in 2001; it was consecrated at the same time. The church celebrates the Divine Liturgy and holds worship services from the day of its opening.

The Church Exterior

The best techniques of architecture were used for decorating the wooden Trinity Church. Perfect architectural forms, right transitions, and combinations of lines - all the details together create one image. By the way, the church, which accommodates up to four hundred people, is classic.

The Trinity Church in Minsk, covering an area of 558 square meters, was built only by 6 people and their main tool was an ax: it is believed that the sawn wood is poorly resistant to moisture and rots rapidly, that's why pine logs were not sawed but were axed.

The 34-meter high Holy Trinity Church was built next to the Memorial Church. You will find sacred fire from the Lord's grave and a museum-burial vault in the lower part of the church. The roof is covered with bitumen tiles and copper foil. The church has a bell tower. 3 small onion domes on the roof stretch upward. Their number also symbolizes the Holy Trinity.

The Church Interior

You will feel a special atmosphere of this holy place before entering it. Life begins without the fuss and crazy speed of the capital behind the door of the Holy Trinity Church. Here you will find only coziness and solitude.

The icon of the Annunciation of the Mother of God adorns the Czarist gates. There is the image of the Holy Trinity to the right - a list from the famous icon "Holy Trinity" by Andrey Rublev (the XV century). The image of Donskaya Mother of God to the left.

The unique five-tier iconostasis of the church is considered the spiritual center for the Belarusian churches. It seems to be telling a sacred history.

The upper tier contains the images of the patriarchs - ancient saints, as well as the icon of Jesus Christ and Holy Cross above the icon. The next tier contains the prophetic images. The prophets preached about the birth of Christ by the Blessed Virgin, therefore there is the icon "The Sign" in the middle - the Mother of God with the Child.

The middle row is called festive because it contains the icons of New Testament holidays.

The fourth row is called "Deesis". This is the main part of the iconostasis because it reflects the prayer of the whole church to Christ. The image of the Lord Jesus Christ at the Second Coming as Heavenly King, Almighty and Judge is placed in the center of the row. There are the icons of the Mother of God and John the Baptist on each side.

The lower row is "local" with images of saints, who are especially revered in this church. For example, Nikolay the Wonderworker, Sergius of Radonezh, Archbishop of Myra, Seraphim of Sarov.

The Holy Trinity Church in the capital of Belarus is included in a large church complex.

In addition to the Trinity church, there is also the All-Saints Church and the House of Mercy in Minsk. Sunday School for Adults functions at the Trinity Church in Minsk.


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, Minsk , Belarus
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, Minsk , Belarus
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