Trinity church in the village of Volno

Trinity church in the village of Volno


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The small village of Volno is located in Brest region. Its first mention is found in the XVI century, when it was a village called Volnoe. The village had been in the Kominsky family’s possession over 150 years, then it was bought out by the Domyslovsky family. A monastery was formed in the village in the second half of the XVII century. A hospital for the elderly and a school for children were opened there. Not only reading and writing were taught in the school, but also the basic concepts of philosophy.

Many things had changed in the village with the new owner Domyslovsky coming to Volno. One of the main changes touched the monastery. This old Uniate building was demolished at the new owner’s order, and a new Trinity Church was erected on its place in 1768.

Trinity church was erected as Basilian Uniate church in a small village called Volno. A school was operating under the church which was visited by the famous architect and art historian R. Slisen. This temple is a vivid example of the architectural monument, relating to the style of “Vilno Baroque”. There are very few buildings on the territory of modern Belarus made in this style.

Throughout the church lifetime, it has undergone numerous changes now and then. From the middle of the XIX century and until the second half of the XIX century, the temple had existed as a convent, then it was closed. All the nuns moved to Transfiguration Monastery, located in Minsk. By the end of the XIX century, the church was opened again and sanctified into Orthodox Church. Some buildings and a stone housing, which has not preserved to the present day, were used in Minsk monastery. There are some fairly old icons relating to the XVIII century in the very temple, one of which is referred to as an icon of “Saint Nicholas.”

The construction of the church looks quite extraordinary and original. An unusual panel in the form of textured fretwork with military attribute has remained on the main facade of the temple. There are very few similar buildings left among the architectural buildings of that time.

The location of the church is rather fortunate. An old-aged park stretches on the bank of a small river, which covers a shrine with its lush and juicy greens. There is a small hillock, on which Trinity Church was erected at that time, in the park, making absolutely right decision with the location. Unique and unrepeatable lines of the silhouette of the temple make it even more mysterious and attractive to the tourist’s attention.

This amazing Trinity Church is covered with the spirit of the XVIII century rare architecture, which interests travelers from many cities in Belarus and gives a unique chance to really experience the true relaxation in different parts of the country.


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