The Trishin cemetery in Brest

The Trishin cemetery in Brest


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The history of Trishin cemetery in Brest

The oldest cemetery appeared in the city of Brest at the beginning of the XIX century as a village cemetery. Nowadays it is called Trishin in honour of a small village, which became a part of the city a little bit later. There are about 12 thousands of burial places in the Trishin cemetery, but more than a half of them has needed a repair for a long time already. The graves related to the post-war period of 40-70’s can be counted as preserved its original appearance more or less.

Impressive memorials in the shape of pyramids, which were erected in the honour of the Red Army military, who died in 1945 at war, greatly single out against the overall picture.

There has been a local churchlet in the Trishin cemetery for a long time, but alas it hasn’t survived until today.

The description of the Trishin cemetery in Brest

The cemetery itself is represented in the form of some archive under the cope of heaven, which contains information about many famous people, related in some way to the history and culture of the town. Among them, a staff manager of Brest-Litovsk fortress M. Brofeldat can be pointed out. There is one more well-known person, the director of military school in Brest – A. Helmersen. Among the cultural figures – A. Storozhenko (the Ukranian writer) and N. Zasim (the Belarusian poet). This perpetuated “archive”, unlike paper medium, which can be lost, will leave the remembrance of these people for a long time.

Not even all locals are aware of the fact that the cemetery is not just a burial place but also a valuable archaeological memorial. During 60-70-ies of the XX century, the excavation were led actively there. As a result of this long procedure, an ancient burial ground was found, which is related to the east-German tribes and is dated to I-IV century A.D. This valuable achaeological memorial with such a great quantity of the burials hasn’t been examined thoroughly and is still in need of additional study and excavations continuation.

Numerous cemeteries become acquired with legends and mystical events, and the Trishin cemetery is no exception.The matter is that an image of Virgin Mary can be noticed on one of the cemetery’s graves since 1999. The locals and ufologists ascribe this fact to a miracle, however sceptics have more of an down-to-earth version, saying that it is nothing but a small crust formation of a land alga on the gravestone’s surface.

There are graves among all of the burials, where the remains of local ghetto prisoners were reburied. They were found in 50’s of the XX century, when a powersaw bench was building. 112 victims of genocide were also reburied in the Trishin cemetery.

For today, burials are not held in the Trishin cemetery, but the place is opened for tourists and travellers.



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