The Shopping arcade in Pruzhany

The Shopping arcade in Pruzhany


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The history of appearing of the Shopping arcade in Pruzhany

The town of Pruzhany was known in the mid-15th century like Dobuchin. The town was renamed and received this status simultaneously – in the late 16thcentury, in 1589 to be more precise. In the northern part of the town is located the Mukhavets River where the oldest stone constructions are. They include the Uniate Church, Catholic Church, uyezd and town courts, as well as plebania. The small town of Pruzhany is not rich in attractions which have been well preserved to our days. However, among them there are though not numerous, but quite important architectural and historic sites. Besides the above-listed there is a manor house, the Cathedral, several houses, and a shopping arcade built of stone. 

The description of the Shopping arcade in Pruzhany

The stone Shopping arcade was built in the mid-19th century. The layout of the Shopping arcade was typical for this type of buildings and was in the form of an oblong rectangle divided into sections.  On the perimeter they were framed with a gallery of arches. A unique feature of this arcade is a mixture of architectural styles. Here is an organic fusion of Baroque and classicism. Pruzhany arcade is an outstanding example of monumental architecture; such monuments are only few throughout the whole territory of modern Belarus.

The people call the Shopping arcade “Belyje lavki” (white shops). It can be explained easily: because of the colour of the façade. Nowadays there are also objects of trade inside the restored building.

Pruzhany Shopping arcade is not only an interesting architectural monument, but also is a cloaked in mystery trade object. It is surprising that those outlets, located right at the entrance from the side of the building, for some unknown reason always try to move to another place. During the whole period of its work nobody has been able to successfully work exactly in this place. After a short period of time even the Children's Art Centre had to move, and it had nothing to do with money. All of ever located here outlets and organizations have found any reason to safely leave this place. Therefore do not be surprised when you visit the Shopping arcade you will be able to see a sign saying “Closed” on the doors of all shops. According to some people especially those who believe in esotericism and supernatural forces, there can be a ghost from the distant past, so workers are not so lucky here. If we look at a more mundane version, it is possible that in this part of the building is just a bad and unfortunate situation. Anyone can see it with the naked eye, as the building itself have not been repaired for a long time, so the lighting here is not very bright.

Today, everyone both independently and with an excursion within many tourist programs can visit Pruzhany Shopping arcade to enrich his horizons and to develop the worldview.


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, Pruzhany , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 350 km

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