Holy spring in Rakov

The apparition of the virgin Mary in Rakov

The territory of Belarus are covered with rivers and lakes. The country has many sacred sources. They are all located in beautiful parts of the Blue-eyed. Legends steeped in the history of the sources. Thousands of tourists come to Belarus to get rid of diseases, to feel energized and to drink the Holy water springs.


One such source is the sacred source in Rakov. It tells the legend, back in the XV century there lived in Rakov one person. He was sick and blind. Once he saw in a dream the image of the virgin Mary, who told the old man to go to the edge of the village. The man gathered courage and went. But since he was sick and didn't see anything, and got lost in the woods. Came across this man by chance on the source. He began to drink water fr om that fountain and wash with it. At this very moment a miracle happened: the disease vanished. But most importantly, this man began to see the beautiful world around. And the first thing he saw was a bright light icons. To call the icon Rakovskaya became an icon of the blessed virgin.

The road to the source

So, in the place wh ere there was a miraculous healing, the villagers erected a temple. In the temple, was a long-time icon. But during the First world war it is known, it was taken to Russia. Today the temple is only a copy of that icon.

City Rakov occupies a special place on the tourist map of Belarus. Thousands of touris come To the city to enjoy the beauty and attractions. Unlikely the Holy spring remains unnoticed, which is located far from the streets of Minsk. When only entering the city, it appears a small chapel, which was built over the Holy spring in 1993.

Since a huge number of tourists stops to drink the Holy water and to pray, the area around the source is refined. Local power created the Park, special gates are the entrance to the territory of the Holy source. Length of the sacred source is 150 metres away. Interesting is the fact that the source as if it flows by itself. That is, it does not run neither in the river nor in the lake.

Holy spring

Tourists and residents of Rakov, and nearby villages with pleasure drink water from the Holy spring. To someone it helps and gets rid of ailments. The main thing to come here with faith in your heart. With the belief that the best is yet to come.

In many ways, the visit to Rakov is a rich excursion program. Here is, the glacial conglomerate, and the tomb, and the Church. And the nature of the city in the Volozhin district is not deprived of beauty and uniqueness. In this small tourist bustle still worth it to stay at the Holy spring at least for a few minutes. Not just to drink the water, but to hear what they are singing about birds, that hides this silent expanse of water.