Holy Trinity Church in Myadel

On the bank of the lake

Holy Trinity Church is situated on a hill in Myadel. The white-stone temple is the symbol of faith and hope for the residents of the town, tourists and pilgrims. The Orthodox temple is always open for visitors. Besides, there are many other places of interest for tourists in the town.

The town on the lakes

 Belarus, as you know, is rich in rivers and lakes. If you visit Narochansky Kray you`ll see it personally. The pristine nature of this region has cultivated an image of a blue-eyed Belarus. Myadel holds a special place at tourist routes. This town is situated on the right bank of Lake Myastro. To get acquainted with it better, one should go on an excursion to learn about the history of the town of Myadel and to find out the things that make it appealing nowadays.

Church on a hill

Holy Trinity Church in is located near the centre of Myadel town and therefore it is practically a short stroll to the main sights of the town. Not only Orthodox tourists but believers of different faiths are allowed into the temple built at the end of the last century. One can plunge into spiritual atmosphere inside the temple. However, every visitor of the church can’t but appreciate the exterior beauty of its building. It is situated on the hill so that is why it looks so grand. And furthermore, the white color of the church and its five colorful domes create the special glory.

There are some additional buildings on the territory of the temple. This is a refectory located near the church and one can see a prayer room and a belfry inside the building. Probably you might be interested in visiting the temple as it is open for all the guests. Tourists can take some time by themselves, have a rest and pray in the prayer room.

Holy Trinity Church of Myadel was designed by architect L. Levchenko. The architectural style of the temple is typical for Russian ecclesiastical architecture with its ancient motif called zakomar. The building of the temple is adorned with arched facades.

There are boundless open spaces, a green meadow and the blue sky around the church in summer and in spring. In winter, the broad expanse of snow stretches here and carpets the ground and the white church. They blend into the heavens` shine.

To relax in nature

Tourists would be offered to stay at local hotels of Myadel or at camping sites that is much more exotic and closer to the nature. So after a long day spent sightseeing that would be great to go to one of the lakes of amazing beauty, stillness, clarity and deep blue colour.

A usual trip may become a real adventure if to go on a tour of the lakes themselves. But wandering with its way to temples is priceless. You can combine a guided tour or can choose only one direction. By the way, the trip can be a weekend tour or a travel through all the towns of Narochansky Kray. Anyway you would desire to come there again and again.