The Temple of the Holy Trinity in Polynkovichi village

The Temple of the Holy Trinity in Polynkovichi village


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Polykovichi is an agricultural town not far from Mogilev. More than 1,800 people live here, the social infrastructure is well developed. Polykovichi was a village until 2008.

The agricultural town is known throughout the region for its miraculous spring. There are people near it, collecting water. There is a belief that the spring brings happiness to girls. If you walk in it barefoot, a young person will become healthy and be blessed.

There is a chapel near the spring, but divine services could not be held here, believers of Polynkovichi needed a full-scale temple.

The Orthodox temple was twice built

The first Orthodox temple in Polykovichi village appeared in 1770 and was called the Temple of St. Paraskeva (in honor of the Martyr Paraskeva, the patron of the holy spring in the village). The wooden temple played an important role in the life of local residents. In 1830, the old building was significantly rebuilt. The last of the tsars of Russia – Nicholas II once prayed in the restored laity. A parochial school was opened at the temple in 1886. But the building was destroyed and looted after the October Revolution. The small cemetery near the former temple where priests have been buried almost has not survived. Undamaged graves can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The locals said at the time that everyone who had assisted in looting of the Polynkovichi Orthodox sanctuary soon passed away: someone died, someone died a painful death, and someone went crazy.

The Soviet authorities established a canteen and an office for the residential house for disabled persons, and later the temple was burned down because of an error in the heater.

A new church was opened On the site of the old one in 1992

The second Orthodox temple in Polykovichi was opened in 1992, that time, it was consecrated in honor of the Holy Trinity. The construction was carried out according to survived photographs and drawings of the old, burned Temple of St. Paraskeva.

Locals who saw the construction of the temple, talked about an amazing event. When the temple was almost ready and a cross was being installed on the dome, in the sky above the temple there appeared exactly the same cross, a short time later, the sign disappeared. Therefore, the Temple of the Holy Trinity of Polykovichi village is considered an unusual and miraculous revival of the Christian faith in these lands.

Today the Temple of the Holy Trinity rises above a miraculous spring

Lots of people come here for the healing water. There is a baptismal font nearby where young Orthodox parents bring their babies to baptize.

Local residents and visiting guests consider the Temple of the Holy Trinity of Polynkovichi village to be a true gem of the Mogilev region. The temple superbly designed and made of red brick, standing on a small hill, looks really majestic. Today many tourist routes of Belarus pass through the agro-town where tourists are always suggested to visit this wonderful place.

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