Transfiguration Cathedral in Slonim

A lovely town of Slonim stands on the bank of the rivers Shchara and Issa, known since 1036. Slonim is a town of three religions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. This town is rich in ancient holy sites that attract travelers from all over the world.

For example, there is a monument dedicated to the Jewish people in the heart of Slonim. It is a synagogue, built in the XVII century.

Orthodox Transfiguration Cathedral is of particular interest which known from the XVI century. There was a school for children – they were taught Slavic writing, reading, numbers, and church singing. There was also a hospice for seniors, ill and disabled people. In 1596, the union of Brest was signed; its aim was to destroy Orthodox churches or make them Uniate. This decision led to bloody wars between confessions. Transfiguration Cathedral of Slonim was captured by members of the Uniate Church. When the Uniate movement was abolished, the cathedral became Orthodox again. In 1848, it was destroyed by fire. In 1963, the cathedral was completely dismantled. As you see, the fate of the cathedral is very tragic.

Nowadays we can see a snow-white building with five domes and three-tier bell tower. It was built in 1995. In 2011, Transfiguration Cathedral had become to store unique relics: a cross with a piece of the life-giving cross of the Lord. According to the Christian doctrine, Jesus Christ was crucified on that cross. There are icons with the relics of St. Mary Magdalen and Martyress Barbara in the cathedral.

Transfiguration Cathedral is one of the newest monuments of architecture in Slonim. It will be easy to find the cathedral if you see the monument to Lenin in the center of the square. Paradoxically, Lenin points towards Transfiguration Cathedral. When the monument to the great leader was built, the cathedral was already dismantled. And only when the cathedral was rebuilt, the local people noticed an unusual position, which became a favorite place for taking pictures.

According to a legend, the caves of Transfiguration Cathedral have a secret path which leads to the famous Holy Assumption Monastery in Zhirovichi. However, no one could prove or disprove this legend.