The Holy Intercession Cathedral in Baranovichi

Sometimes the paths of history are so closely intertwined and go beyond the boundaries of one state, that you marvel how such things can be possible. An excellent example is the Holy Intercession Cathedral in Baranovichi. For tourists this landmark is interesting and proving by its existence, that the interweaving of cultures is not a theory, but a natural course of time. Do you want to see for yourself? Welcome to Baranovichi.

The appearance of the cathedral

The Holy Intercession Cathedral appeared on Baranovichi map relatively recently by historical standards. The construction beginning dates back to 1924. But the cathedral erection in Baranovichi was going on until 1931. By the way, the temple was built in the very place, where once a church had risen before. This was in 1921.

In the hard for religion times, the Holy Intercession Cathedral, however, wasn’t closed. Moreover, it was the only active temple in Baranovichi since 1949.

Best mosaics

Many Belarus guidebooks mark the importance of the cathedral exterior decoration. It is known that seven mosaics decorate the Holy Intercession temple. It is noteworthy that these mosaics were created for Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Warsaw (Poland).

How magically did they happen to be in Belarus? Surely, the curious tourists will ask. Everything is very simple: seven beautiful mosaics adorned the cathedral in Warsaw indeed. But the temple of Alexander Nevsky was destined to be in the Polish capital for a short while. The thing is that the Polish Sejm referred to the fact, that the cathedral symbolized the greatness of Russian imperialism. It was decided to destroy the temple.

The mosaics were removed from Poland and decorated in 1926 – 1927 the cathedral, which was being built at that time.

You can look at the mosaics magnificence both inside the temple and not entering into it. After all, two of them decorate the cathedral from the outside.

In addition, inside of the temple, the tourists are invited to pay attention to the iconostasis, which was once also brought from the house church of the Warsaw Royal Castle. It is important to mention, that it is one of the largest in Belarus.

The Cathedral modernity

The Holy Intercession Cathedral in Baranovichi is the main Orthodox church of the town. Of course, it is here where numerous tourists rush. Knowing its history, it is important to note that the cathedral modern life is also diverse and very interesting.

In addition to excursions, the cathedral holds regular missionary work, the temple attendants are also engaged in educational activities. This is a huge work done by a large number of people.

Be sure to visit this beautiful monument of art in Baranovichi. It is rich in its history and events, which reflect interweaving and interconnection of cultures so clearly.

You can attend the divine services in the cathedral on weekends and holidays. The temple doors are always open both for excursion groups, pilgrims, and just parishioners. Surely you will remain impressed with the beauty and greatness of the Holy Intercession Cathedral in Baranovichi.