Saint-covered temple of the village Chyzhevychi

Saint-covered temple of the village Chyzhevychi


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Saint-covered temple. The spiritual abode of the village Chyzhevychi

Saint-covered temple belongs to the main attractions not only of Chyzhevychi village, but of all Belarus. This wooden Church is one of the oldest in the country. It refers to those churches that have managed to survive in spite of everything.

The order of Catherine II

The villagers of Chyzhevychi once went to Church in the village of Izdrasheva. The Long road to the temple is not scared of the parishioners. However, their dream was destined to come true: in 1795, the village of Chyzhevychi decorated wooden Church called the Holy virgin Church. By the way, the order for construction was given by the Empress Catherine II. The first rector was Nicholay Kronikovskyi. The service in the Church gathered a lot of people – not only local residents, but residents of seven other villages.

The Abbot John Pankratovich

The temple housed the archive was kept parish registers. In 1861, as you know, serfdom was abolished. This event was the beginning of the construction of the temple bell. For its size, the bell tower has become one of the highest in the country. It reached the height of 27 meters, and the sound of 12 bells, carried across the County proclaimed the greatness of the temple and the faith in God. But not over, the Holy virgin Church and the plight during the days of the prohibitions of the churches, the temple was repeatedly burned; its servants were driven out or shot.

It happened with the rector of the Church St John Pankratovich, which, despite the prohibitions of the authorities, conducted divine services at Holy protection Church from 1913 to 1934. For his insolence and disobedience the priest was shot. But in 2000, twentieth century he was canonized, and to this day descendants remember his feat and come to the temple to pray for John.


After the massacre of the priest John, the building of Saint-covered temple was used as a warehouse for storing grain. You can imagine the kind of damage that inflicted to the wooden temple. Thanks to the prayers of the villagers Chyzhevychi and the surrounding villages, as well as their numerous requests for the resumption of divine services during the war, the Church building was used for the purpose.

Again a significant role in the fate of the Church was played by its rector: Archpriest Nikolay Rozov has ensured that the building of Saint-covered temple was restored in 1986. And so it happened.

Open to parishioners

Today the Church is open for visits of believers every day.  Saint-covered temple are in addition to the Chyzhevychi village 22 village of Soligorsk district. But not only inhabitants of nearby villages come to the temple. In guidebooks for tourists Saint-covered temple occupies a special place. This spiritual abode of Chyzhevychi village is a must visit. It is important to note that in the Church is also a Spiritual and educational center. To date, more than 200 children of different ages attend the Sunday school at Holy protection Church. This exemplifies the need to teach the younger generation the love of God.

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