The Holy Protection Temple in the Village Bogino

The Holy Protection Temple in the Village Bogino


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Bogino is a small village in the Vitebsk region that is situated on the both banks of a lake with the same name – the Bogino. It can be easily guessed that the lake gave its name to the village. It is not stated when it was first mentioned. As the village is situated on the two banks of the lake, in order to get from one bank to the other bank, at first the countrymen had to swim. Later, for convenience, they built a bridge that is still used for crossing the lake.

The Holy Protection Temple in the village Bogino of the Vitebsk region was constructed approximately in 1881. It has a very picturesque position – on the high bank of Lake Bogino. It is not stated whether it was the year of its construction or of the consecration and of the first service held there. This date is mentioned only in the composition “1881” made of small stones in the courtyard of the temple. However, there are some contradictions, as from some records we can learn that the church was built or consecrated only in 1892 and it is this date that was made in the courtyard. In any case, you can ensure about the date of construction only if you visit it and see for yourself the inscription. The temple was consecrated in honor of the Protection of the Mother of God.

In the years of the First World War in the village there took place active fighting during which many soldiers, officers and countrymen died. In the church there are installed memorial tablets in honor of those who died during the war. Traditionally there are held divine services in memory of the victims of the war.

As to the architectural design of the temple, it is constructed in Old Russian style. In the foreground you see belfries, a prayer hall, and apses. The four-slope roof gives the temple a special beauty.

Within the walls of the temple there are kept ancient icons: “Mother of God and Child” – this icon dates back to the XVIII century; it was brought from the closed temple of the village Kozyany of the Braslav district in 1967; “Saint George the Victorious” and “Joseph and Child” that were created at the turn of the XVIII –XIX centuries and were gifted to the Holy Protection Temple.

Right after entering the church gates you feel the incredible atmosphere of a calm and serene environment. The entry of the temple and the surrounding territory are in good condition. It is supported by parishioners. In spring they make it incredibly beautiful, plant flowers that not only improve the territory but also create a pleasant fragrant scent.

The Holy Protection Temple inspires with its beauty, helps to think over many problems, recover your spirit, to thank God and ask something needed. Guests of the Vitebsk region should necessarily visit this holy site. The temple is of much more interest for those who come there on church holidays and in summer when a lot of tourists rest at the Braslav Lakes.


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