St. Nicholas garrison Сathedral in Brest

A wonderful story of the revival of the St. Nicholas garrison Cathedral in Brest is an example to many generations of how a church can literally rise from the ashes. This cathedral is located on the territory of the Brest fortress, known for its heroism. There is also the famous Berestye museum, which is visited by many tourists. The excursion route to the city on Bug necessarily includes a visit to these great sights.

Cathedral’s history

The tourists visit the temple overall in complete silence. St. Nicholas garrison Cathedral is literally riddled with bullets. Its walls remember both bombings and dedication of the soldiers, defending the Fortress. The cathedral’s history began in 1851. The temple construction was designed by a famous at that time architect David Grimm. Later the church in the Byzantine style was visited by the Russian Emperor Alexander III himself, at which order, by the way, the cathedral was built.

Unfortunately, the good time in St. Nicholas garrison cathedral’s life ended with this. The First World War brought destruction to the cathedral. Later, Western Belarus was transferred to Poland and the Orthodox cathedral underwent significant changes.

The temple became Catholic, its exterior and interior decoration was changed. Time went by, with the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War the cathedral was utterly destroyed. Everyone knows those tragic events of the Brest fortress defence. Neither bullets, nor bombings spared St. Nicholas garrison cathedral. The traces of lots of skirmishes are left on the walls.

The cathedral stood ruined after the war. The temple basement was used as a cellar, unfortunately. But in the 90s St. Nicholas garrison cathedral was again returned to the Orthodox believers. It was since these years when the cathedral’s new story has begun.

Constant restoration

Numerous tourists know for certain, that the cathedral is in a mode of constant reconstruction. This rather laborious and costly action has been going on for decades.

Bit by bit the temple is restored by all those, who are not indifferent to its fate. Those are the local authorities, patrons, Brest residents, and even the guests of Brest city.

The beauty of the temple

It is difficult not to notice the beauty that the cathedral acquires day by day. You ought to look at St. Nicholas garrison temple inside and outside. There is also a building, where the Sacrament of Epiphany takes place and a parish house with a bell tower near the temple. Sunday school was created for children, there is a library under the cathedral as well. The life of the cathedral is quite busy now: it is visited by both tourists and pilgrims. There is a sisterhood under the church, as well as an Orthodox Brotherhood.

Do not walk this temple with the hard fate by. Not only can you pray in this Orthodox cathedral, but also learn its history just looking at the walls. They remember those terrible events of the past years and as if warn the future generation so that it would not happen again.