St. Michael Church in Lyaskovichi village

Lyaskovichi village is located in Petrikov district of Gomel region. It is the center of the village council. The village itself is rich in natural resources, and moreover it is incredibly beautiful because a forest covers it fr om one side, as if protecting it from harm.

The first written mention of Lyaskovichi relates to the XVI century, when those lands belonged to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Throughout its history, the village changed owners more than once. They tried to rebuild everything by their own rules there.

During the Great Patriotic War, half of the village was captured by the Germans, and its new construction took a lot time.

Despite the fact that the village is small in size, it has something that is worth seeing. The most important attraction is St. Michael Church. It was built in 1879. Until 1930, the church had carried out its direct functions, but it was shut down with the advent of Soviet authority, as well as many other temples of Belarus. It hadn’t been restored after the closing. Surely, as no one took care of the temple and its building was standing empty, it became useless after a while and gradually deteriorated. Neither the locals nor the authorities had conducted works on its reconstruction and restoration. Only in 1993 it was decided to demolish what remained of the old church, and to build a new one on the same place. They began to build it on the old one foundation. That, incidentally, was the only one that was managed to be preserved from the old church.

Peter, Bishop of Turov and Mozyr consecrated the new church in February 1993. The new church, which was consecrated in honour of St. Michael the Archangel, has been built on the Pripyat National Park funds and it is a part of it today.

St. Michael Church is an example of Belarusian wooden architecture. It is rightly considered to be a decoration of the village. In addition, it holds a most rare icon of the Mother of God, which is called “It is Truly Meet”. It is a copy of the icon, which is kept in Athos in the monastery. Old hymns are sung in front of it, and therefore the name has been given to it by its first line. This icon depicts the Virgin Mary, who holds on the hands a baby Jesus. The child holds a scroll in the hands, and they both look at it. The prophecy about Christ is written on the scroll.

St. Michael Church in Lyaskovichi is its spiritual center, wh ere locals come with requests, prayers, and their problems. During the days, when Orthodox holidays are celebrated in the church, residents of nearby villages come there too. Visiting of the church is very popular among tourists as well. Besides, a visit to the church is included in the program of the Pripyat National Park. All the tourists, who come to the National Park, enjoy visiting the church both as a part of an organized group, or on their own.