Saint Ioann Monastery in Korma village

Saint Ioann Monastery in Korma village


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Saint Ioann Monastery has recently been opened, only in 2000, but its history has started as far back as in the XVIII century. It is closely connected with the history of Holy Intercession Church, which has existed in this village before. In 2000б it was decided to open a monastery under the Intercession parish and to name it after Ioann Kormyanski.

There goes an interesting legend about the history of creation of the monastery among the local residents. It is said that once a blessed Euphrosynia came to the village. She went door to door of the locals and asked alms. In the course of it, she showed at Holy Intercession Church and said that the church was to be built only on that place as it had been there some time ago. That happened during the Soviet time. Local residents laughed at her and turned her out of the house, saying that the church had never been there and moreover the Soviet authority would never let them to build it.

 While that story was spread by word of mouth, the historians became interested in it. And it turned out that the church had really existed on that place in the village. In 1760, a wooden church in honour of the Intercession of the Theotokos was built. But in course of time, the church became dilapidated and unsuitable for divine services. It was decided to take it down and to start construction of a new stone temple on that place. However, the archpriest didn’t allow building a monastery on that very place. He said to the priest to spend three days in praying and then God would show him the place where to start building. And that was really so, all the parishioners started praying and candles lighted in three days on the hill in the village. The construction was started on that very place.

In 1926, the temple was closed and its building was used as a barn and as a hospital during the Great Patriotic War. However, Mary protected her cloister.

Some time went by and relics of righteous Ioann Kormyanski were brought for eternal keeping to Korma in 1991. Since that moment the functioning of the temple was restored.

First, only two nuns lived in the monastery: Pheodosiya and Sergiya. Pheodosiya remembered Ioann Kormiyanski even then when she was a small child. She died only in 2006 in the age of 100 years. A few novices had already lived in the monastery by the time when Ioann Kormyanski was canonized. The number of them started to increase as they began to come there from all the corners of Belarus.

Nowadays more than ten sisters live at the monastery and the Mother Superior of the temple is Sophia.

They hold various divine services, celebrate Orthodox holidays according to the religious canons, and also do the volunteering: they help a retirement home and a hospital in the nearest village.

There are great sacred things in the church: reliquary with the pieces of the God Saints relics, miraculous icons of Vladimir Mother of God and Quick to Hearken.

All the people who transit this village or come here on excursion should visit this monastery, enjoy the tranquil peaceful atmosphere, think over their deeds and make some conclusions. Coming out of it, you will really feel spiritual easiness.


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