The Church of St. Euphrosyne in Ivenets

Heavy fate befell many Churches in Belarus. The Church of St. Euphrosyne in Ivenets is another example of how through the years, the fate of one Church can be changed, but faith will still save the Church and restore what was once lost.

The ruined for the night

In the beginning of the 20thcentury in Ivenets were located two Orthodox churches. The Church of St. Euphrosyne appeared on the territory of Ivenets in 1915. Here was also the Holy Trinity Church under which existed a Convent. But came the time when believers were sent to Siberia or worse – they were shot, and churches were burned, looted and destroyed. So the Holy Trinity Church in Ivenets was destroyed in the late 20-ies of the 20th century. The rector of the Church was condemned: he was subjected to Stalinist repressions.  Just during one night atheists destroyed not only one Church in 1952.

The icon of the Mother of God “Ostrobramskaya”

Many years later only in 1998 on the place of the once destroyed Church appeared a new Orthodox temple. Nowadays the Church of St. Euphrosyne in Ivenets is the only Orthodox Church in the town.

The construction of the temple was started on June 23, 1997. At the grand opening ceremony in the foundation of the temple was laid a capsule with a diploma inside. This white stone temple is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of the town of Ivenets.  The Church is an ornament of the town, a reminder to future generations that the Church can be reborn, despite temporary hardships.

The interior of St. Euphrosyne’s Church also deserves attention. In the temple it is light and quiet, the faces of the saints look at the parishioners from numerous icons. The icon of those remote years is kept in the Church as a remembrance of the past. The icon of the Mother of God “Ostrobramskaya” - it was saved in the distant and uncertain times, it holds a special place in the temple. Many people come to bow before it. Pilgrims from all over the world go to the Church, they come here with faith.  

The Church singing

Tourists also come to Ivenets to admire the beauty of town streets, visit churches and monuments. Many, who come here for the first time, note the peace and quiet of the area. In many ways, tourist impressions of Ivenets are all positive. Many even want to come back to the town to admire the beauty of the local nature.

Tourists and travelers from all over the world visit the town the architecture of which does not remain indifferent. In religious holidays and during services one can hear many-voiced singing from the Church of St. Euphrosyne. In the temple they sing to the glory of God and all the saints. And while the singing is heard, people will be going to the Church. People will pray to that terrible time that destroyed the temple will never reoccur, to those who are against religion will not come more to the Belarusian land. Let’s keep the memory of Holiness, let the residents of Ivenets and tourists gather at the gate of the temple. The Church, with its congregation, will celebrate many religious holidays. Not once hear newlyweds the blessing, not once cries in the walls of the temple a baby, converted to the Orthodox faith.