The Temple of the Holy Spirit in Bobruнsk

The Temple of the Holy Spirit in Bobruнsk


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The geographical position

Bobruysk is a town located on the Berezina River in Mogilev region. Bobruysk is 117 km from the regional center.

The historical information

The first mention of the town dates back to 1387. According to one version, the name of the town originates from the word “beaver”, as local residents actively sold skins of that animal. According to another point of view, the town was named after the Bobruya River.

The population

The population of Bobruysk is almost 218 thousand people.

The Temple of the Holy Spirit

One of the religious attractions is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Its history is connected with the Temple of St. Nicholas that was constructed in 1600. Initially, the temple was located in the center of the town, and it was decided to move it to a military fortification in the area of the Berezina in the late XIX century. In 1901, after some changes, the temple was consecrated in honor of the Holy Spirit. The temple continued its religious activities until 1937; that is an amazing fact in view of the hostility of the Soviet government towards religion. Worship services were restarted only at the end of the Great Patriotic War. Two years after the final liberation of the USSR from the Nazi invaders, the Temple of the Holy Spirit was closed again. The local authorities transformed the building into a cultural center. The temple hosted the secular entertainment establishment until 1956, when the building was given to the cinema “Luch” for the period of almost forty years. In 1993, the temple restarted its functions, as it is stated on a plaque placed on the main facade of the temple. Besides, it immortalized the name of Alexander Vasilyevich Borovsky who had generously contributed to the restoration of the sanctuary.

Today the Temple of the Holy Spirit of Bobruisk city is located in Klubnaya Street, 27. In 1995, the Temple of the Holy Spirit was re-consecrated on October 14, on the day when Orthodox Christians celebrate the Feast of the Intercession of the Mother of God. The service was conducted by His Eminence Archbishop Maxim of Mogilev and Mstislavl.

In 1999, a chapel and Sunday school were built near the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Today the whole complex of buildings and surrounding territory are constantly improved and periodically supplemented by new elements. So, in 2003, new domes were made for the temple. Besides, the building was adorned with “gold” crosses. A year later, the project for the renovation of the temple roof was realized. The territory is paved.

The building of the Temple of the Holy Spirit in Bobruysk is a one-storey building. It consists of square and rectangular parts; each is crowned with a tower with a dome. The inner decoration of the temple is without frills. The divine services and the sacrament of baptism are regularly held in the temple.

Many tours to Belarus include visiting attractions of Bobruysk, because this town is not only one of the oldest settlements in the territory of this country but also is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Belarus.


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