The ostrich farm in the village of Kozishche

The history of appearing the ostrich farm in the village of Kozishche

A small but very frequented by tourists village Kozishche is located in Kobrin district, at a distance of 20 kilometers from Kobrin. Among sights and interesting places of this land we should mention the Holy Trinity Church and the only in Belarus ostrich farm. It is one of the largest farms in the CIS countries and belongs to the organization “PM and Company” - the Belarusian-Polish joint enterprise. The total area of the ostrich farm is about 10 hectares.

The year of the establishment of the farm is considered to be 2003. It has been erected on a vacant lot for about two years. 

What is the ostrich farm?

The ostrich farm is very popular with tourists. Here is bred one of the biggest birds in the world -African ostrich. The bird has impressive dimensions – its height reaches 2.5 meters and the weighs is at least 150 kg. Ostriches are long-lived: their life cycle is over 70 years, they lay eggs during forty years. Ostriches are polygamous birds and live in small families. The number of birds varies from 300 to 500 depending on the farm plan. And 7 years ago the number of birds reached 1000. It would seem that the African bird is unlikely to be able to live in the Belarusian latitudes, however ostriches have perfectly been adapted to the local climate and endure winters without any problems. In this season the farm is also open to tourists and works every day, because most people visiting it are very interested in how African birds cope with such weather conditions.

The fact that the birds on the farm are grown for slaughter will be not a good piece of news for ardent supporters of preserving the lives of living beings. At the age of two years about a half of the males are sent to slaughter, the others are left for procreation. Ostriches are famous not only for quality and tasty meat, but for very useful fat. It is widely used in cosmetic and medicinal purposes as well as in cooking. Previously, fat was considered an elixir for healing wounds, now it is also used to treat burns and cuts.

Here is conducted a special excursion during which you can learn a lot about the life of ostriches, what they eat, and what care is needed. To move around the farm is allowed only with a guide, as the area is considered manufacturing. Feeding birds is also strictly prohibited. But here is no prohibition on photography, and, moreover, the ostriches are willing to pose and love bright flashes.

In addition to the excursion itself, visitors will be able to buy ostrich meat which is famous for its unusual and delicate taste. Besides, here are offered for sale ostrich feathers, which decorated hats of the most fashionable ladies in the old days, and of course, painted ostrich eggs.

The farm has also a mini Zoo, where one can see pheasants, hens, peacocks and goats. There is no prohibition on feeding animals in this small Zoo corner.