Old cement plant in Krasnoselsky

The settlement of Krasnoselsky, which population is a little over six and a half thousand people, is located in the western part of Belarus in the territory of Volkovysk district.

It is 12 kilometers from the township to the district center, the nearest railway station Ross is only three kilometers away.

The urban-type settlement was established in 1914 after the construction of the cement plant here, which became an enterprise of town-forming importance.

Today it is one of the largest enterprises of Belarus, engaged in the production of a number of construction materials, including cement, lime and others. The modern name of the company is Krasnoselskstroimaterialy. It is located along 5, Pobeda Street.

And it all started in August 1913, when Henrich Matskevich, who was a local nobleman, send an offer to erect a cement plant. The construction of it was planned to the south of Krasnoye Selo village. Soon the offer was approved and the construction works of the plant were started.

Initially two technological lines were launched, railroad was laid to the station Ross. Initially raw material, produced in quarries, was delivered with the help of cable-railway, which existed until 1959.

Soon after the enterprise’s erection the First World War began, and the factory had to be closed. At that time it was about to be dismantled, and soon there was even an idea to blow the building up. But luckily, those plans didn’t come into reality and the factory turned out to be saved.

The name of the enterprise, that produced construction material, was changed several times. Having resumed its functioning after the First World War, the plant came to be called “Vysoka”.

After the reconstruction, which the enterprise had to undergo after the Second World War, it got a new name – “Pobeda”. Just at that time a school was opened under the plant, where the future staff of the enterprise was trained. In 1948 an industrial school replaced it.

Gradually the factory increased capacity, here a crushing plant was opened, clinker warehouses, cement milling workshops and etc. appeared.

In 1973 it was decided to create a production association “Volkovyskcementshipher”.

However by the end of 1980’s the factory was considered old-fashioned and having no prospects, along with that it was decided to erect a new cement enterprise.

On the eve of the new year of 1997 the enterprise “Volkovyskcementshipher” was renovated and named OAO “Krasnoselskcement”.

  Today, as before, lime is produced from the quarries for cement production. After a quarry is depleted all the used machinery is sent to new open casts. The used quarry is filled with water. However, due to the fact that there is chalk at the bottom of such sites, the water acquires turquoise color. The well-known chalk quarries, which were named among people the “Belarusian Maldives”, appeared in such a way. People come here to rest from all over Belarus.