Old Catholic сemetery in Volkovysk

Old Catholic сemetery in Volkovysk


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Volkovysk is one of the towns in Grodno region and has different interesting places. Volkovysk itself, standing on the Ross River, was first mentioned in 1005. Archaeological excavations also indicate that the settlement had already existed in the late X century. For a long time, the first written mention of the town dates back to 1252.

St. Wenceslas Catholic church is one of the most important sights of the town, as well as St. Nicholas Orthodox church, belonging to the XIX century.  In Volkovysk, it is recommended to get acquainted with archaeological sites, which include settlements “Muravelnik” and “Shvedskaya Gorka”.

In addition to the architectural and archaeological sites, it is recommended to see another significant object which also attracts the attention of tourists. It is a Catholic cemetery: the first burial dates fr om the early nineteenth century. In general, the gravestones belong to the XIX, XX and XXI centuries. Burials are arranged quite densely. There is also a tomb chapel, dating from the middle of the XIX century. Most of the inscriptions on the tombstones are written in the Polish language. It should be noted that people were buried in accordance with all the religious rites during the years of atheism and the Soviet times. This cemetery is civilian, i.e., soldiers were not buried there. The Old Catholic cemetery is located in the eastern part of the town, near St. Wenceslas church on Karl Marx Street.

There is also another cemetery wh ere Polish soldiers of the First World War were buried. It is called “the Polish cemetery”, though representatives of other nationalities including Belarusians rest in peace here.

Near the Polish cemetery, there are also burials dating from 1918-1920. There is a memorial plaque with the inscription in Polish, which says that it was installed in memory of the heroes who died for the Fatherland: “Bohaterom, poleglymza Ojczyzne w latach 1918-1920. Obywatele miasta Wolkowiska “. In general, there are five cemeteries in the town.

When visiting cemeteries of Volkovysk, you may also see a memorial cross, which was erected to commemorate the participants of the uprising that took place in 1863-1864. The uprising was led by well-known revolutionary Kastus Kalinovsky. The cross is made of wood and has metal elements, including an image of Jesus Christ.

Visiting sights of Volkovysk, including the Old Catholic church, will not leave indifferent those who want to get acquainted with the history and culture of the town and the western part of Belarus in general.

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